[Dev Blog] - Crafter UI AND Bonus Story, The Ash Girl

I smell a disturbance in the force… :smile:



Nice find, Voxel. You just barely beat me to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, double whammy! :+1:

now im conflicted… i need to head out, to catch mass transit, but i cant NOT read these updates… and yes, a double-negative works perfectly fine there… :stuck_out_tongue:

edit #1: hope you dont mind, i tweaked the title a bit, to match the previous entries…

edit #2: @sdee, i’m extremely impressed with the UI you and @Tom have crafted… from a usablity perspective, it just looks so… well, inviting, if indeed that works as a descriptor for a UI… :smile:

For example, when I started on the crafter, I knew we’d have two types
of orders: “make now” and “maintain N”.

love, love, love the idea of a “maintain N” option…


@SteveAdamo Absolutely not… my topic is your topic.

@Sdee Thanks for taking care of this weeks Desktop Tuesday!

On the Ash Girl… that’s what I would call an alternative ending, no? :wink: I wonder if the “Taleteller” is a class which we will find in the game.


first, Re: The Ash Girl… good lord @sdee, can i convince you to enter the Writer’s Workshop? i laughed, i cried… i may have even chortled… and i rarely chortle…

second, Disney will be contacting you shortly… do not, i repeat, do not answer the door to large angry men, wearing jet-black suits and earpieces…

third, this will be yet another t-shirt derived from the comedy gold comments on this forum:

Shoes: They come from cobblers, not spellcasters.


While I am just translating the “happy ending” for my blog… I really love this kind of “dark” humor. I hope we can see more of that in the (background) stories in the game. Well done!


Great stuff, glad to get more details on the crafting system.

If I were inclined to be afraid, it’s not Disney’s suits I’m worried about, but rather the fact that Cinderella and Ms. Commander Shepard now share the same voice actress. So… what ELSE do they share?

Glad you enjoyed. :slight_smile:


I know mentioning stonehearth UI and dwarf fortress in the same sentence is weird, But maintain N would have made dwarf fortress THAT much better. I am sure it will have the same effect on stonehearth.


agreed… i was hoping to see more of the writing we were treated to during the campaign… glad to see this may be the case! :smile:

again, agreed… its one of those “its so simple, it’s brilliant!” moments you have when seeing a new design element in a game…

havent yet seen this myself (in another game), and again, think it will make for a wonderful means of maintaining those prime inventory elements … :+1:


yay team radiant strikes again on the forums, also great desktop Tuesday,everything looks great!

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heheh I like the story. Very unexpected ending.

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I don’t know how you’re planning on implementing lore and stuff into the game @sdee, but I seriously hope you do. Maybe something like the books in Skyrim? For that was hilarious :smile:

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i am a huge fan of background lore, but in this case, i would be more than happy with finding various tomes and books scattered across the landscape, with random stories like this… :+1:


Thanks for the suggestions! I’m of 2 minds on the subject of finding random books in the game world. Sometimes, they make for awesome reading. Sometimes, they feel a bit like a chore. Which in-game reading experiences have you liked, and what made them stand out?

to be honest, the books we could find while roaming Morrowind… granted, they were mostly penned by Ken Rolston and crew, and they had a very rich universe to draw from…

but discovering a random book while exploring, and having it provide some insight into either the locale, or the world in general, was always entertaining… those who enjoy these sorts of finds can read them, but other folks can simply ignore them entirely…

i would say though, that even with as an avid reader, i would more often than not only read the first page of most stories… something similar in length to the Ash Girl…

so, while i love to read, when i’m gaming, i prefer to keep those sessions short and sweet… :smiley:


The Lusty Argonian Maid. For obvious reasons.

I kinda thought that the Terminals from Halo 3 were pretty cool, so in any of the ruins/alternate planes you may find, there should be something like that, like an excerpt from their POV in history type of thing. The Terminals told stories and experiences that were left over from the Forerunners, in case you haven’t gotten into the game’s (beautiful) universe.

EDIT: OMG I GOT A LIKE FROM THE DEV!!! screeches with joy

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