[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday: A Closer Look at the Trapper



The dev team are making great progress! Awesome!

I predict that someone will make a “What Does the Fox” say Stonehearth parody… :wink:


summons @Raj :smile:

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+1 Like for funny Office reference xD

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I bet the thing they are keeping to themselves is that the Trapper can fight/ have the sword and shield equipped. I would make a few more speculations and I think I got a few good ones too but I got to head off to work :frowning:

I’m curious how long it will take before this update arrives, guessing a week, or two ^^ (optimistically, friday hehe) sounds like great fun. Can’t wait for more content.

yeah, I imagine once some of the larger development efforts are (for the most part) squared away, we’ll start to see more frequent content updates… :+1:

I doubt it .Tom said in one of the live-streams that they won’t be able to protect themselves. It has something to do with the super secret action button number 2. :wink:

Actually there is the hope that they can snare enemies and escape.

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Trueee. . . .

I think that’s worded a little better. :wink: I’m kinda leaning towards that haha.

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Wouldn’t expect too much, thought he said it wasn’t that much of a big deal :stuck_out_tongue:

So killing a sacred bunny and getting the ability to turn rain into fire isn’t a possibility? :frowning:


There’s always hope! :smiley:

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Oh nice! did you hear that in the stream or is that just on your personal wish list? either way that would be fantastic…

Throw like one of those tarps with weights at enemies?

That’d be pretty cool :wink:!

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I lol’d at the bunnies in cages.

The progress of civilization:
Phase 1) Destroy the trees
Phase 2) Enslave the animals
Phase 3) World domination

Sounds about right :blush:

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Tom mentioned it in the live-stream. Not confirmed that they will do, but they are thinking about it.

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@SteveAdamo Who has summoned me from my slumbe…


…oh screw that



well played… :smile:

but if you are still about, how goes things in your musically inclined world? :musical_note: