[Dev Blog] Stonehearth Alpha 2 r58 Now Available



That’s so nice work!!
But, what does the fox says? :smiley:

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Muahhaa… yes…

The parody SHALL be created!

sneaky sneaky… dropping an update on a Thursday? … who does that? :smile:

edit: I cant believe what a difference a real PC makes! Wesley is literally (wait for it) … crushing this game! :smile:

looks absolutely gorgeous with the new visual tweaks… and in 1980x1020 with everything cranked to max… its just… … bliss… :blush:


If only I had a real computer… :smile:

(Any one want to shout me one?) :smile:

I really like the “Release Pet”-Icon :slight_smile:
And trying to select a jumping squirrel (after taming it) adds a whole new difficulty to the game :wink:


should probably mention the one little happy-nerd moment last night, when exiting the game… hit the ESC out of habit, and behold! a proper in-game menu system! brought a tear to my eyes, I tells ya! :smile:


For some reason with this release the game can’t find the path to the manifest of my mod (which is in a .smod). I guess I’ll re-upload it as a zip and add a note that it must be decompressed. If it is just a folder inside the mods directory it is read well.

Geez… so many creatures it was difficult to find rabbits and they threw me an error when I tried to tame one of them :cry:

Now I want to cut that tall grass >.>

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What’s the maximum number of pet’s you’ve collected and brought back to camp? My personal best is about 12.

Now that you mention it… My personal best is about 0…
(Don’t mind the rabbit, I once got a log to fall there too…)

They don’t follow me :cry:
I swear someone posted screenshots with lots of pets at the camp, though :confused:
I don’t remember where Ah yeah, [here][1]

Mmm… I get those errors even without mods. The creatures are tamed because if I click on them their icons change to the blue one, but they don’t follow me. I don’t know how they work, then.
[1]: StoneHearth Alpha 2 Ep5 - r58 - Trapping an Army

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Critters aren’t following you home at all? That’s very, very weird. Paging @Albert. This was working for me in the build I tested yesterday, hence:

Edit: Are critters following anyone home?

i believe so, yes… at least, the one racoon i tamed followed me back home (where i discreetly deposited one of his brothers remains into our stockpile)…


Also, are you seeing the tall grass in the world without adding it via a mod?

Thanks for the confirmation. Pet following is broken in one of our branches, so I just wanted to make sure we pushed the build we think we pushed. :slight_smile:

No, no. I just like to take a look at the folders :smile:
You haven’t added the stone resource yet, but it’s lurking there too.

Krovikan tamed quite a lot of pets in his video. Are there any requirements? Having stock of food and wood or something?
Also, now they seem to spawn only when exploring or in your nearest surroundings. We weren’t warned about this.

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i … thought this was mentioned, in some form or fashion… that exploration (peeling back the fog-of-war) had an impact on what would then spawn in the general vicinity… or did i imagine that?

i am severely sleep deprived at the moment, so its entirely possible… :zzz:

It was mentioned, but as they didn’t release it when they released the fog of war, it caught me unprepared :smile:
The video of Krovikan shows it, that he was searching for creatures and didn’t find them with this release, because it caught him unprepared as the previous version spawned the creatures even if they were far, and you could see them. He had to cut and resume later when he found them.

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When we first introduced the critters, the Fog of War wasn’t hiding them as we intended. Now it is! As a side effect, critters on the other side of the world from you no longer chew up AI resources even though they’re not interacting with you.


Thanks for all the bug reports!

To answer some questions:

  • Critters currently spawn at twice your sight range. The fog of war is supposed to hide them, but this system isn’t fully functional yet.
  • Other than having a trapper, there are no requirements or limits for taming pets. If you have a lot of pets, the pathfinder might not be able to keep up and they will stop following once they leave sight range (64 terrain voxels).
  • Issuing a command to an object that has been destroyed (the trap) causes the get_id error, which should be otherwise harmless. We still have some UI work to do to prevent this from happening. The other errors Relyss is getting are weird though. It almost looks like the smod doesn’t match the executable. I’d like to know more if anyone can repro.
  • Hitting ESC will cancel out of the ‘Snare Trap’ action. (It also brings up the in-game menu at the same time which is another bug…)
  • Bringing pets back to camp will cause them to play instead of just follow.

Not to seem a tad impatient… but when could we see more settlers appearing / joining the current settlers?