[Dev Blog] Like a Volleyball Team of Hyperactive Goldfish



Hehehe… dat dialogue, tho.


my goodness, if @sdee actually wired up the debug log with that sort of realism/feedback… well, :heart_eyes: just doesnt capture it adequately… this is nerd debugging done right… :smile:

and while i would love to hear more in-depth details on the path-finding routines and this glorious scheduler, im afraid im somewhat transfixed on not only the gentlemen sporting the lovely mutton chops, but the other unit who seems to be sprouting from his bed… :blush:


…I’m sorry, but it has to be said.

I can totally imagine this scene played at three times speed with Yakety Sax going in the background.


They’ve truly captured our Friday night’s perfectly.

I loaded the desktop Tuesday on my phone after I’d just woken up, I was convinced the picture was of the untis sunbathing on a lovely lake, but alas, was just the pathfinding process!

I definitely agree that text like that somewhere in the game would add so so much to it, we’ll have to wait and see though, I imagine there are more important things at the moment!


[quote=“Geoffers747, post:5, topic:3207”]
They’ve truly captured our Friday night’s perfectly.

i pray each night that a dev build will slip through the cracks, once the first public release it out… we hit some F-key, and voila … the hilarity ensues… :smile:


I’ve gotta say that “dialog” provided by @sdee sounds just like something that might have come from an Abbott and Costello routine! LOL!!


What do you guys think is the brown square with gray blocks around it? Looks like a campfire.

are you referring to this?

they all do seem to be focused on it… perhaps it is generating items the test units are using? the companion cubes?

oh, and take another gander at Mutton Bob… that’s what i’ve named him… he’s swell… :blush:


My first reaction was the same as @Miturion, I thought it was a campfire base or perhaps the stump of a tree?

But looking again it doesn’t seem quite right for either of those … maybe it is something that generates items …

It doesn’t really look like Tom implemented it/Qubicle’d it, so there’s no way that it can be anything we’ll see in normal gameplay… unless the intent was for it to look like a literal pile of poop in a sand castle, so my bet would be that you’re guess is closer than anyone else’s, @Geoffers747.

Careful when you’re running with scissors; you might poke someone’s eye out. :wink:


Ohhh…I think we have a budding Bromance on our hands here!! :smiley:

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can the cubes be an easter egg, pleeeeease? maybe an indiana jones golden idol type thing?


Mutton bob?

That better be in the settler name banks now.

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How’s about ‘Chops’? Short, simple, more of a nickname than Mutton Bob?

Edit: Or, Chopper, sounds like a bit of a bad boy! I hear the ladies dig that.

… However Chopper is the nickname of a pretty serious Australian criminal, so there’s that.


can my love for you grow any deeper? Chops is perfect… really rolls off the tongue…

Mutton Bob aka “Chops”… brilliant stuff, and he will be my go to guy in times of dire need… :+1:


I’m pretty sure every character design’s going to get a nickname by the end of this…

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yep, that one. I guess I was wrong then. btw I like Mutton Bob’s name. :smile:

In that case
The blonde guy with the scruffy beard

Rugged Ragnar

You guys feeling it?
Yeah? No?

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