[Dev Blog] Like a Volleyball Team of Hyperactive Goldfish

I like Ragnar (quick google), turns out Ragnar is a legendary Norse ruler …

If we look at the names in the desktop Tuesday - Sean, Brom, Nol, Mer. The names have a certain feel to them, I don’t think alliteration fits, I feel it makes it sound a bit cheesy.

Ragnar is a pretty awesome name though, I imagine him being in a band of roving mercenaries hunting goblins and criminals.

For a nickname though, well, call him whatever you want! :smile:


i used to pride myself on my greek/roman/norse (and just in general) mythology knowledge… i couldnt recall Ragnar though… pretty bada** sounding guy… :smile:

at first glance though, i thought we were discussing ragnarok… :blush: