[Dev Blog] Guest Desktop Tuesday, Meet our Composer, Raj Mann!


The Raj mann! A big Desktop Tuesday, Enjoy.


woohoo! been waiting for this update… :smile:

i :heart: @Raj… but in a (mostly) purely platonic sort of way… sort of… :blush:


This was fantastic I haven’t heard all the music yet but i am damn sure working on it :slight_smile:

Also i think every body should appreciate this editors note:

Now this is tricky because making music isn’t quite the same as game development; there’s isn’t a process you follow to create a song, or at least there shouldn’t be, I don’t think. (editor’s note: if there is a process to game development, someone please let me know)


I :heartpulse: Raj in a completely different way to that. Some say obsessive, whatever. We don’t listen to them do we @Raj.

This is a mammoth dev blog - really interesting to see the breakdown of the entire process. Also the backgrounds to these videos are so nice … I mean the music is all right, but those blue squares on the Winter theme … mesmerizing.

I love the piano version of the softly falling sky. Play it for me under the stars.

But seriously - chuck out a piano version of the soundtrack, pretty please with sugar on top?


I think (being a percussionist) the winter theme might be my favorite of the seasons. Also, it’s just got a nice aesthetic atmosphere and it really differentiates itself from the other tunes.

I really need to start getting into the music labs here at my campus and start composing again…


the (main) thread that first introduced us to @Raj… thanks @StephenFreer! :smile:

edit: and this paragraph just made my day… :smile: :+1:

Music making is a volatile and unpredictable process, like mixing chemicals in high school; you experiment and experiment and sometimes nothing happens but, occasionally, if you’re lucky, something explodes. I’ve lost control of this metaphor.


Loving the music. :bell:


Really nice music @Raj but Radiant when can we expect to see seasons added

Sometime after alpha 8 and sometime before December 3016.

Crazy to think we’ll all be long gone by 3916, but anyway.

Edit: Wow, no I’m not drunk honestly, just typing on my phone which decided to betray me!


I second this! I’d love to have piano versions; even if it’s not for every song, just whatever piano versions you happen to have.

Also, great work Raj! Love all your music and the blog entry was a fantastic read.


@SteveAdamo @Geoffers747 you two are always ridiculous and hilarious. And by ‘ridiculous’ I mean attractive and by ‘hilarious’ I mean call me.

@SteveAdamo @JonathanDB well it would be shame to have this music all single-piece piano ready and then not released. Hint hint :wink:

@thorbjorn42gbf @Miturion thank you very much, very encouraging :smile:

@Atralane love to hear it! And if that’s what it takes to send you into the labs, away you go and let’s hear what you got! I could listen to kalimbas and dulcimer all day…


The music sound so good! :smile: