[Dev Blog] Girl on Fire

Short post this week with an interesting image of a girl on fire, with another citizen staring at her. Short post, but the bugs continue to be squashed for the first alpha!



thanks @Nentify… the alpha release is within sight!

Edit: sight… :wink:


I don’t know why they keep removing all these great bugs…:disappointed:


What I don’t get is how they can get a bug where a civ is on fire… :confused:

In the worst case we could always make a thread that includes screenshots of all the weirdest and funniest bugs.

@Alfie, I think it is fault of the 3D. That, or objects that have own life.

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Bugs, bugs everwhere,

The code has become… self aware? So it’s become self-aware and set it’s own civilians on fire… Stonehearth is going to be fun on release!


This may seem like a stupid question, but I still can’t find out how to post comments on the blog.

Wait, in the desktop tuesday he says “I suppose this was inevitable”.
Does that mean that the settlers were cremating her as a punishment for not doing properly her task - making a proper fireplace/collecting wood ehem, a ritual because she was a witch died? :frowning:


Failed attempt at magic ?

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It could be… That actually seems more logical.

Nah, she spontaneously combusted.

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You change a piece of code here and a piece of code there to make this happen when this happens and oops a villager is now on fire.


Looks like she might’ve been trying to light that piece of wood on fire and realized she was doused in gasoline… How tragic. Hopefully it’s like that Hunger Games fire and she made it out safe and sound

there should be a place to enter comments, with about 4 ways to “authenticate”, if you dont want to post anonymously… google, twiter, facebook and disqus…

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Looks like that girl become…
[glasses on]
… a hot stuff.

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It looks like a villager placed a log in the fire ring and then lit it then another villager then came along and took the log out of the fire and went to put it into the stockpile. The log still has the ‘on fire’ animation attached to it so therefore it looks like she’s on fire as well. I could be wrong but it’s consistent with prior behavior.

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How is this a bug? Isn’t it logical for civilians to be able to be set on fire, and therefore receive damage? Another possibility is that our villagers are fire resistant…

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absolutely… but i think in this particular case, there was no reason for her to have actually caught on fire though… :wink:

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