[Dev Blog] Bugs



It's the final...COUNTDOWN!

I think Radiant need to bring back some of these mentioned ‘bugs’, such as exploding people and headless people for Halloween next year. It would be fun! :slight_smile:


agreed! this particular bug punishment would be fun to “inflict” on certain units… :smile:

So, anyone who has pre-ordered the game will be able to get it via direct download or through Steam!

this is great news as well! should make all the Steam fans rather happy… :+1:


I would so love to see players play Stonehearth during Halloween to find out their settlers had been decapitated. It would be fun, but not very likely.


Great going, Team Radiant.
After spending 10 minutes staring at the included screenshot in awe, now I have the urge to play it. GIM MEH TEH GAME NOAW! I can’t stop the temptation to go back and watch all the livestreams again, and going back to the graphics tests. I just can’t take it anymore, please Radiant :cry:. Give us the game, or you will drive us mad every Tuesday day. Initiates in barking madly at the screenshot. (Calms down… “It’s only less than 12 days now, you can hold yourself back… You can do it, Sam”).


meh who needs a civ when you got bunnies ?. plus floating clothes are kinda cool win-win


Agreed, but how about a boss mob say… the Headless Horseman. Who would ride through town causing random mayhem and terrorizing the townsfolk!!


That’d be awesome. That’s actually a really good idea.


wow now i want holiday mods!!


I love how nice the game looks graphically. Ignoring the bug, which is pretty funny, I just love the style of it all. :smiley:

2 weeks, can’t wait!


Might be a fun Easter egg, but that’s all. It’d be really annoying to just suddenly find that all of your citizens are exploded or headless. I mean, an easter egg should be funny, not annoying.


A good easter egg would to have one of your settlers look like @Tom or @Ponder.