[Dev Blog] Alpha 7 Steam latest branch updated to build 183


Sneaky Devils…

And sad… no more bird bath chairs.


well… not officially, no… :smile:

some of my favorites:

  • New “tools” category for stockpiles
  • New recipes for the mason
  • Add animated effect for sleeping citizens

just curious did you sneak in a fix for dropped saves?

Those were birdbaths? oh I thought they were toilets.

I am still unable to download r183, I have uninstalled and reinstalled via steam. Restarted both steam and my laptop. Is there going to be an update on Humble to the newest version?

yes, once A7 is considered “stable”, it will be pushed out to Humble Bundle…

as for getting the latest (unstable) Steam client installed… you may try completely deleting the existing Stonehearth folder, and then launching the Steam client again…

I had to enable beta downloads. Once I did that it updated no problem.