[Dev Blog] Alpha 4 Update!



well, what’s not to love about the pending release?

  • Stage 1 of the Building Designer
  • New GUI
  • Basic Combat! More to come in future alphas
  • The Footman class

and @Tom is so casual in his delivery of the updates… “Hey Tony, what else is in Alpha 4?” … “Oh yeah, combat.” :smile:


HAHA yea loved that part too. I bet that he is making dev blogs on one monitor while coding or else on the other monitor. :smiley:

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i love the part were tom was like ummmm anything else in the next update lol :smile:


This is awesome! I also loved the part when Tom got stumped when he tried to name all the new features.

Quick question though. Do the lamps do anything? In the video, they did nothing but sparkle, not make light.

Also, when will the “Settler Sleeping In Random Places” bug be fixed?

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yeah, it looks as though they are only giving off the particle effect, and little or no light (at this point)… i’m sure that will be remedied soon… :wink:

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This looks so amazing! The suspense is killing me!

I need Alpha 4!
Nihonjin needs Alpha 4!
The world needs Alpha 4!



Any ETA when the new build will be pushed to Steam?

If they’re still working with the last time scale they gave us, I think any time between 1 and 3 weeks?

They’re just working on squishing bugs now, so it’s however long it takes to get everything ironed out as smooth as possible!


i am guessing 1-3 weeks as well but who knows :smile:

I can wait a few weeks, thanks guys.

Awesome! The Footman Class!



In last weeks dev blog Tom said “not this week but maybe next week” So I’d guess either later this week or next week.

as is my guess… or at least, what I’ve been praying to all these woodland deities about… :smile:

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One thing I noted in the video, was the worker sleeping on the scaffolding. Perhaps workers need a prioritization scheme of where to sleep. I can see another worker not being able to continue the building (either walls or scaffolding) because someone is sleeping on the needed voxel. If workers prioritized surfaces, in order like: beds, floors, and the ground above all other surfaces that should solve the problem. Of course, they would need to walk/climb to the target surface instead of sleeping immediately.



I agree, Perhaps they would first try to sleep in a Bed, then under a tree, and if no beds or trees are available, they would sleep on the ground.

lol that’s a good one! :smile: we can kill the goblins!! hope some day we can play them or have a mod were we can play the as well :smile:!!

Course, there were no Goblinzes to kill until now. Not like they’ve been causing us too much trouble, other than the lack of there appearance in the previous Alphas. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll third the suggestion… certainly makes more sense than sleeping in on the scaffolding… shows their dedication to their trade though, I suppose… :smile:

to your point about obscuring a particular voxel from another unit… you are absolutely correct, in that the unit intending to sleep will have to distinguish “open ground” from “ground not being claimed by another unit”, like an area under construction, etc. that way they wont simply plop down on the ground right next to a wall under construction (the first available “ground” voxel)…

It was stated before that Goblins will become a playable race, if I recall.