Alpha 4 Steam Latest Branch Updated

We’ve updated Alpha 4 with build 110. This build should be much more stable.

Try the lanterns. I stuck them in at the last minute.


Bit late for me ATM, but I’ll see if I can’t break something* tomorrow :slight_smile: .

*It’s not that I like breaking things you understand. I’m just doing it for The Cause. Honest.


On second thoughts, have a couple of bug pics now :stuck_out_tongue:

This footman started seated on the chair, then suddenly appeared a few feet above it. Airbending :stuck_out_tongue: ?

A bit more serious - the text says it all. The builders started work on it, then abandoned it. I don’t know if they think it’s finished (there’s no semi-transparent voxels in the building editor when I check), but… well, it doesn’t LOOK finished :smiley: .

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just got home… time to update the build! :+1:

edit: two quick comments on the build… ok, three…

1) super stable! and I was having some legitimate gameplay enjoyment from this build! :smile:

2) I must have click the materials button a dozen times, assuming I could immediately “act” on the design from there (without realizing I had to then click the tools button)… i’m sure its just something silly on my part, but for what its worth, that was “confusing” to me at first…

3) once you have performed the call to arms (which worked like a charm!), perhaps your workers can resume normal activity after X period of time (automatically) if there are no immediate threats in their vicinity? I panned away after a minor skirmish and was zooming around town for a bit before I realized all my units were still standing at the ready…

well, except for my footman, who had casually resumed her patrolling duties… :smile: :+1:

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love the combat system so fun to watch now and i tried building a house and the walls i wanted were the wood looking ones but instead can up the other just like i saw on your video for desktop tuesday so i went to removed the building the the walls stay so made the building again same place put the correct walls and and saw one wood side and the rest were the other style and then went to build a roof. could not change it at all, then crashed. very sad :frowning: but will make a new game tomorrow. :smile:

edit: i just remembered that back in the last update if a footmen died while in combat the name would appear in the citizens tab and would say “engaged in combat” and not “KIA” or remove the name all together i dont know if you changed that. @sdee,@Tom could you shed some light on this?

Definitely a point worth mentioning. Also, you have to do this every single time you place a window/door/lantern/whatever on your house, which makes it rather frustrating. It’s one thing to pick the wall design, then use the tool button, it’s another to pick a window, use the tool button and repeat half a dozen times.


I know it’s been mentioned before, but autosave is needed badly. Every 30 seconds. Or configurable. Hmmmm… that would be a nice mod.

A bug, kinda annoying:

Workers aren’t finishing the buildings. Sometimes, when you place Doodads on the buildings, such a 1 door and 1 window, the workers put the scaffolding on the same level as the window and forget about it afterwards. Not touching it anymore.

Very stable branch this one.

I think you have to get the crafter to build the door / window and have it in a stockpile, and then the door / window can be placed and the building can be finished.
On another post Steve Adamo said “Doors and windows are created by carpenters and placed by workers”

Have been playing this version for about an hour, and a lot less buggy. good work.
A couple observations.

  • When constructing farms or stock piles it is possible to create several on top of each other that is bound to create problems.
  • When you create the carpenters workbench why do you need to create an output area why not just use the nearest stock pile that supports intake for what is produced. The carpenter breaks if you delete the stockpile created when the workbench was placed. It would also be nice to be able to move the workbench, but sure that on the way :slight_smile:
  • I was building a rather big house so one wall was finished enough to put in the door before the other walls was to high to keep workers out. This resulted in a worker walking over the wall an placing the door form the inside. She got stuck and could not get out.
  • Is there already implemented some kind of system that make workers slow down when they are unhappy. The longer I played the more the workers seemed just to stand around doing nothing.
  • When calling the workers to arms it would be nice if they called each other if one found an attacker. I several times had only one worker run of after a enemy, resulting in that one worker on his way to get beat, so i had to call the attack of.

I like where this is heading :thumbsup:

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Already had more fun with Stonehearth than with many finished games I bought. Only had two minor things which might already been posted:

  • I started constructing a rather large house. When my workers went for
    the roof two goblings attacked, ran up to the roof and started eating
    the workers up there without them doing anything. All other settlers
    remained on fhe ground during the CTA not seeing the goblins on the
    roof. After they were done with the people on the roof they kept
    walking around the settlement in an odd clumsy pattern while my
    defender held their ground by not moving.

  • After running the game in fast forward for a couple of minutes the
    icon won’t change back to normal speed or pause (FF keeps being
    highlighted yellow) but the game still changes into normal/pause

Game is pretty stable. I build a house with a wall obstructed by a tree. When I fell the tree they just continued properly.
Love the light animation. Also love that indoor farming is a thing. :blush:

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It’s probably a primitive greenhouse! congrats!