[Dev Blog] Alpha 4 Progress Update



We will push out an updated build to the Steam Unstable Branch today.

w00t!! that is all… carry on! :smile: :+1:

edit: i take that back, at the 3:04 mark the “red alert” was slick (both in terms of functionality as well as the associated sounds)… :clap:

edit #2: the combat sounds and effects were just awesome! loved the “retro” vibe they provided… and the death animation/effect looked sic! :smile:


Yeah I really loved this little update.

I mentioned it on the .net page as well, but it looked like combat got a little faster, I like the death “poofs” but some tell tale sign that there was once a battle there might be nice, such as scattered goblin helmets, broken swords, etc.

Then you have to have someone go clean it up, battles are messy after all!

Excited to play the new unstable branch release!


Personally, I think the healing noise would get annoying if a lot of settlers are healing. Edit: Also, the huge amounts of hitsounds in the small battle example were getting loud, and in a big battle, the hitsounds would definitely peak volume.

As a battle gets bigger you could be right, good point. We’ll hopefully have a priority system in place for the audio so as a battle gets too large, certain unwanted extra combat sounds will drop out. Also, further mixing will help a lot down the line when we polish.


Oh no, started watching the site almost like it was before Alpha 1 upload… xD

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Time goes by so quickly. I remember when it was just the concept video, nothing else.


And “proclaimed deadline” is getting closer too xD

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Looks really nice, looking forward for the final release of Alpha 4!

The red alert system is pretty cool… Shouldn’t be too hard to mod in a siren for the sound effect! :wink:

Yay! A new update for Alpha 4!

Well well, it seems that the team was oh so too lazy to fix the game breaking tree fox bug. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and here is a bug. Sometimes the Settlers don’t put the Materials in the corresponding Stockpile. :expressionless:

Oh and another terrible bug. Sometimes, the Carpenter doesn’t do his or her job. It either sits around and do nothing, or just do oddball jobs which should only be performed by the regular Workers unless the Carpenter or any other promoted Class has any work to do. :anger:

Lookee here, we have another one. Sometimes random music tracks play at times when they shouldn’t be or sometimes two play at once.

you know the drill @EpicDwarf… submit a report, and earn fat loot help resolve those bugs!

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xD I suffered from that issue sometimes, just to realize I ran short on wood (though I don’t think it’s your case)

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Oh’p, guess I wasn’t the first to notice this. I did make this report, though. Is that the same issue you’re talking about? (The title sounds like it would be something else, but I address that in the report.)

Haha, the same thing happened to me in my last game! I think I’m just spoiled by the new release of Dwarf Fortress, where suddenly trees give so much wood that you never run out after just cutting down a small number of them.

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Well, say I make a Stockpile and set it to only store wood, and sometimes the Settlers put berries and stone in there as well.

Also, I had plenty of wood. The Carpenter just sat there doing nothing.

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Right, that’s basically it I think. I’ll link to your post here from that thread as a way of confirming it.

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