Defend Location - Not attacking

So i noticed lately that Defend Location don’t seem to work very well. The only time they actually attack for me is when they get attacked so enemies can just walk away and go for your workers instead making the Defend Location worthless.

This has happen to me in Alpha 18 for maybe 2-3 patches and Alpha 19 also.

Tried to move all my people from red group to green and it did not help with anything.

Anyone else seeing this problem atm?

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No one else has this problem that they don’t attack anyone inside Defend Location if they are not attacked even tho the enemies are hostile and inside it?

Starting to wonder if it’s my save.
Tested to remove café mod with no change

Tried without all mods still don’t work like it should

Works just fine with Alpha 18 Release 663

I had this on my list of pending things to review.

What do you mean with your last post?
Didn’t you say on the first post that it also affected A19?

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Alpha 19
From what i have tested so far latest Alpha 19 it’s broken for me no matter if i use or not use mods.
Alpha 18
For Alpha 18 Release 663 Defend Location works the way it’s intended to work with all mods still active.


Actually had this thing happen on Alpha 18 Release 663 now also but it was with the enemies that “Poofs” away bug or what ever reason they run to a corner to disappear happens very often.

I was able to reproduce it. Will ask the devs about it. Thanks Banto!


@yshan talked about this on stream - there is a temporary “not full” fix in A19, they’ll keep working on it going forward.


Nice :slight_smile: any improvement is nice :slight_smile: kinda annoying when they would walk right pass into the city :smiley:

Hey! Had same issue with using defend, units won’t aggro my enemy unless they’re picked on first and in addition to that not whole party engages, something is definately wrong with defend.

Tried it just a bit and it seems way better than before they actually get ready even before they enter their Defend Region :slight_smile:

Only thing that would be nice now maybe is to allow Defend Location to leave their Defend Region to take down enemies.
Maybe let players have both options to force em to stay within and also allow em to leave region.

Because it becomes very strange seeing the Melee standing at the borders not going 1 meter to hit them :slight_smile: and also Archers sometimes stops shooting instead of moving closer.

But it’s way better than before because my entrance is guarded and i mostly wanted the Defend to tackle the annoying random small weak groups :slight_smile: when big groups of ogre and kobold comes i let em go get those greenskins :slight_smile:

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