Enemies will not attack some will not even move

**Title:**Braindead enemies
Enemies froze.Some will pace and flee like goblin.most don’t only 1 goblin flees from workers actualy.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Went to fight enemies!Starts to happen at around 32hearthlings high cb and lau at 50%+

Expected Results:
Workers get owned by enemies
Actual Results:
My workers have done in over 50 goblins and undead like prokillers!


Versions and Mods:
2699 x64 none
System Information: It’s not this.


Iv’e noticed this too, the enemies just keep walking sometimes like they’re going to some far off destination and never bother to defend themselves or just stand about while they get smashed. All enemy types do this for me wolves,undead,and goblins. This glitch does not need high hearthling pop or cpu usage, they’re wimpy right off the bat.

Thats good to know.They were working properly for me until later game.Finaly got a download of the current game on my laptop.I found a cyber cafe with good wifi.Its still a issue in 2710.
My undead are working poperly and fight back they actualy killed my raya children in the desert.
Early game and they can kill me so far later on they die off.
New pic added of current recheck

Fighting back early game.

hmm my enemies still seem to be pretty passive but I’m gonna keep my eye on it maybe the latest patch fixed or will fix it.

Considering the next Alpha 14 is rumored to have some changes to the combat system, I’m going to think it’ll take a few patches until this bug gets fixed. :wink:

The current release (develop-2720) fixed one source of enemies not attacking. Let us know if you continue to see this happening.

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I still have this issue. I find they just walk around while my Hearthings just keep hitting them! Im playing a new game on the most recent release!

Hey there @devoderek, can you upload the save game where you are having this issue to the Discourse so the devs can troubleshoot? To upload a save game to the Discourse, please copy the save folder from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games (assuming a default Steam install) to a cloud storage site like Dropbox, Google Drive, Filedropper, etc and post the sharing link here.


Hope i did that right. Never used anything like googledrive before. Also this was using the silo mod. But it happend in an earlyer save also. Was not using the mod then. I deleted that save though :frowning:
Hope it helps.

I find its mostly the goblins that dont have weapons that do nothing. I know alot run from my guys but some just keep walking and walking and walking lol

Nope, that link doesn’t work. Let me give you more detailed Google Drive Instructions:
Here are some screenshots.

  1. Right click on folder you wish to share
  2. Left Click on Share...
  3. Click on Get shareable link
  4. Ensure that is says Anyone with the link can view
  5. Copy the link there and paste it here.


lol thanks :smiley:

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Thanks! I will repage @Albert to take a look after the holiday.

So this problem is in 2820, but goes a little further. Enemies, regardless of who’s attacking them, will still tend to ignore that they’re being hit or others are being hit.

And it’s not just when Hearthlings attack.