Crazy LUA and passive enemies


My game becomes extremely sluggish following construction of my first building. This has only occurred in the latest patch (2534), and I believe it is due to high LUA usage; the bar in the bottom right hand corner is constantly a combination of blue, yellow, pink, and/or orange, with green only appearing once I pause the game (and this only fixes it until I hit play again). It becomes completely debilitating in the midst of my second building.

I’m not positive about it, but I believe this is causing the goblins/undead to be completely… err… inept? In every town I’ve started since the last patch, no enemies have taken a swing at my Hearthlings. The only things they seem to attack are my stockpiles (if they can get there), and I don’t think they have any effect when they do so. Essentially, I’m able to take on a whole pack of undead with a lone worker (not a footman) with no negative result.

Furthermore, when the goblin camps spawn, and you have to face the big goblin dude, my Hearthlings can just run into the camp swinging, and the goblins will just be walking around like they’re patrolling (or sitting by their fire, etc). Again, this has only occured in the last patch (2534).

Wow this was a really long post; basically I wanted to know if anybody else had either of these problems (or both?) as I have a pretty low-end computer and didn’t want to mis-file a bug.


Same thing here. I didn’t really realize it was so consistently easy until recently, but I really haven’t lost any hearthlings at all this patch. The enemies just sort of stand around. I don’t have a top-tier system either, for the record.

I have had this same experience as well. MOST of my games anyway.

I had one game where the skeletons came to life at the wrong time and killed several of my hearthlings who attacked the group one at a time. But, for the most part they dont even swing at me or attack at all really. They walk as a group toward your camp, but thats it.

I can confirm that it is LUA causing the enemies not attacking.

I saved when my foot soldier was standing in the middle of ~10 undead. Reopened the game to see him get instantly murdered; followed by the rest of my town.

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Playing 0.11.0 r447, also seeing passive enemies that walk towards my town/stockpiles but never seem to attack anything.