Deep in the mountains of krogevo (restart of krogevo with new build idea)

Found a lovely mountain spot, nicely surrounded and protected. The villagers started digging out space for houses and created a nice spot for farming.


Dude, that’s amazing. However, I feel this following picture describes how the citizens of Krogevo act on a daily basis.


nice little dug in village : )

Oh jeeze, that’s just beautiful! Simply love it :slight_smile:

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I’m seeing a trend with your .gifs . :laughing:

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i thought i had replied yesterday… apparently i’m going crazy again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

this is a really cool looking place, i love how you have the garden is raised up like that. :smile:

also, just for future reference: the game has a built in screenshot function, if you hit PrtScn the game takes a screenshot, you can then navigate to the stonehearth folder, where there should be a “screenshots” folder where you can see all of your, well, screenshots.

hope that helps :slight_smile:

i already use that button, but i just paste it in paint and save it. The file you mention stays empty. Maby because i always play windowed

i was guessing you did, i just mentioned the stonehearth screenshot function as it takes a pciture of just the game and crops out the rest of your window…


i also play windowed, so thats not the cause…

whatever the case, the way you’re doing it works just fine :slight_smile: only thought to mention it as the stonehearth built in one can be easier…

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I so agree. I think I’m going to start doing that with my farming…that’s a great idea, honestly. Makes it look much more neat, too.

it’s a way to use the same area foor multiple uses. I made some storage below it. However de roads i placed take up a extra layer in the bottom so you can,t mine them 4 high like the 3 holes i made

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Oh damn, that’s an awesome idea. I really need to get better at these building block by block games. xD I’m way too used to games like The Sims lmao


with the same idea you could have homes with farming on the roof :slight_smile:

Did you carve that from the ground so your crops could be put on there? Or is there a mod that lets you build farms on floors/etc? o.o

no mod. Just take a small mountain on which you can farm.

Aahhh, all right! Thanks for the idea =D

So my lovely citizens decided that it was time to leave the mountain and start a new village. With the knowledge of there first home they started to break down a mountain nearby and construct there first homes. Seeing that they left the safety of there mountain home they also made quick work of a defensive wall.

What they still needed was a stable suply of food from the fields. Now where are we gonna place the fields? :slight_smile: