Wild Rose (In progress)



Nice little valley to build in :slight_smile:
Looks like… Ascendecy? With trapper plus, a lot of fields so maybe more realistic farming and smoke that may or may not by from my nordlingmod
(also I like what you did with the walls)


Can’t play without your Fireplaces anymore :jubilant:
Nice looking town looking forward to see more


More building :jubilant:.


I like how you did a shot from the same angle, then we get a sort of time-lapse effect :smiley:
I see you moved the fields, planning on doing some roads? Maybe even a small connecting bridge between that house on the left and the farm fields? (can really advise roads, they literally give your entire town a buff in productivity)


Great idea :jubilant:. i’m definitely gonna build it.


Idea for a bridge (by @Wouter_Sikkema):jubilant:


I love this. I hope to see more in the future :jubilant:.