[Dear Tom] Live Stream 4PM PST - Feb 7th 2014

How much tweaking do you think one mod could do? and do you want to encourage complete overhaul mods?

Pretty much anything and everything. The game has been built from the ground up with modding in mind … there was an extremely early question about the ability of overhauling Stonehearth with a sci-fi mod which the team said was absolutely possible, just with a bit of work.

I would imagine the team would want to encourage modding of all shapes and sizes, and see what creative things people can come up with!

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Until a few days ago I would have agreed without thinking about it. In the meanwhile this is also a question I have (see my post above), as there will be some “limitations” introduced in terms of Lua. I am not very familiar on the changes and the whole Lua-part of modding so far… but am also curious what the overall “strategy” is and what we have to expect from that side :wink:.

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How will you manage the creation of building (customization) like the fortress or just simple house? Will it be like your videos on your Youtube channel?

Can we expect a fisherman and boat? because you plan to add water I was thinking about it.

Could we build walls more developped than we have to defend us?

Could we see the differents skills of our citizens in their character sheet, their experience and their efficiency at their job?

In the next update, can we expect to see the first clothes for our citizens? so a beginning of the citizen’s equipment.

What kind of scenarios do you plan to add at the game?

  • Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses (in your new office)?

Wasn’t this asked before? Or am I just making that up?

In another thread someone suggested spectator mode, and you talked about [quote=“Geoffers747, post:8, topic:5181”]
An RPG set in your Stonehearth worlds, amazing.

Do you think that’d be possible to mod in? An ability to stop building, choose a villager, and live their life?

Possible, more than likely, at least given the way the team talk about modding the game, in that everything is possible. I imagine it would require a hell of a lot of work though, I mean you’re talking about a fully functional RPG set in Stonehearth … it wouldn’t really just be enough to take control of one person and roam around as the entire game is based around the city settlement - it would have to be an overhaul in some way. So, it’s more than likely doable, but would require a rather large effort to be playable.

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I may have missed seeing this being asked or even in a past topic, but here goes…

What are the ideas for enemies we’ll get to fight? There’s goblins and such, but will there be spiders? “Dragons” or lizards? Slimes?

Zombies,skeletons,trolls,rabbit people if you want to start a war with them, other human factions. etc.
Have all been announced.

Here is a good question I want Tom to answer for the community:

Dear Tom,

Is there an estimated date when will we see the ability to play as different races besides humans, such as Rabbit folk and Dwarves?

Oh and here is another question.

Dear Tom,

Is there an estimated date when Stonehearth multiplayer support is addded and is there a chance that servers will be added so you can play with others across the world, and how will Stonehearth servers work? Will they like Minecraft or Starbound servers where you will have to pay someone else to provide the server, or will you run the servers yourself?

And another one!

Dear Tom,

Will there be natural disasters and wheather?

And don’t forget this one!

Dear Tom,

When will the Kickstarter backers get their ingame pets, T-shirts, etc?


Dear Tom,

How will farming work out? What workers do you need to farm goods?

Have you made any decisions yet on what will be the first creatures and hostile mobs to be coded and put into the Stonehearth world?

Also, I was curious about trees for the future. Will trees ever drop anything besides lumber (and possibly saplings)? I was wondering if you guys had ever considered making trees offer unusual, rare bonuses and surprises to spice up woodcutting duty (or any chore, for that matter). Maybe one drops a kite. Think of how happy those little people would be.

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With r34 out, can you provide an overview of more common examples for a “mod:alias”-syntax to access assets of Stonehearth? E.g. how to access the recipe-list of the carpenter?


Can you show us how to add to the carpenter’s recipe list from an external mod?

Is my question ^^

Can we please get access to the raw lua files as some sort of SDK?

Since unluac seems to break (and isn’t really comfortable either), even an “inofficial” download of the original lua files would be appreciated.

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I agree with you RP.

I just have this overwhelming urge to call you needy.

So needy,

28 more minutes to go!

Hmmm. It says that the channel has ben deleted when I click on the link.

edit: Aww, he didn’t answer my questions.

Hey @SteveAdamo, now that the livestream is over, can we shut this thread down?

I feel like we still need to save the sheep.

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