Feb 7 2014 Live Stream [side discussions]

I’m interested in these as-well

Ok. Now translate that to polish and publish on the polish community forum. I’ll do this.

Hope there won’t be any more questions like that.

I think the author (on PL forums) had on mind, what will be ‘the next big thing’ after saves, but thanks anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

When will stairs or ladders be available for accessing the higher and lower elevations? Is this something that would be easy to implement?

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Thanks… Its a good question though right. :wink:

Actually, they will have rpg style encounters scattererd about the map called modules, (they are basiclaly mini-adventures/quests) and combat already exists with various attack types,(you know that the devs used to make fighting games, they used that knowlage) all you need to be able to do is directly tell someone to do all these things.Since it already has a built in RPG system.Which may not require as much work. (but is still very hard)


And it isnt fully centererd around your specific settlement either, they stated that you will be able to play it more like a conquest game if you wish, conquering villages and etc scattererd about and exploring the world.
(fog of war will exist as-well)

We’ve heard that there will be RPG elements yes, but these modules slot into the wider picture of your settlement creation, I’m not sure if gameplay wise, it would be enough to simply take control of a unit going on one of these modules and label it as an RPG mod.

I’m thinking more along the lines of anadventure mode, where you travel from settlement to settlement building up your character and handling quests etc. potentially whilst the world around you carries on.

So alright, perhaps there isn’t as much work with the base being there in modules, but there’ll still be a lot of work required to translate how those all connect with the specific control of one unit.

I think my point still stands. People will all have a different style of play, drawing on the above quote, but ultimately it will always come back to settlements.

(I added to my post)
they mentioned exploring as a potential play-style as-well and i also linked you to the combat system.

If one can find out how to order your char to do these various attacks (which are already seperate) and allow the player to directly control this. You have a rudiemntary dwarf-fortress style adventure mode. They stated the world will be huge as-well. (you should never hit an edge)

Leveling of your various chracters/setlers will exist in game. Along with ranks . Such as “Apprentice” It could probbably easily translate to a player controlled character.

I’m not saying it wouldnt be super difficult to do, but it is definetly doable.With what they told us wil exist in game.
That is, if the whole “allow player to directly control a single character” isnt impossible.

Since this is such an important question it’s possible that it was asked before. But perhaps there’s something special about the new office that changed their/his mind? I mean, you wouldn’t want to fight a horse sized duck in your living room, right?

apologies if these are taken out of context, but the other thread seemed to have a fair number of “discussion” pieces that this thread seemed warranted…

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Ah that explains it,

@SteveAdamo you yanked the thread out from under me… Halfway through reading and then poof it all dissappears. I was convinced I had hallucinated half a dozen threads, most disconcerting I can assure you.


again, deepest apologies… :wink:

i think we all want that thread to remain fairly “pristine” though, so that @Tom can simply run down the list and quick hit any questions that stand out…

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Admiral you have nothing to apologise for, the fault was entirely on this side of the table.



Glad to know. I will learn code and attempt something like this if I can.

I think that’s the kicker. It would be all well and good modifying the gameplay so that you control one unit, but that doesn’t mean it would be enjoyable ya know?

The difficulty would be adding gameplay mechanisms that firstly create a sole RPG style game, and then keep it full of content and fresh.

Punching me in the gut again? So macho.

They did a Reddit AMA a while back:

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That’s for modelling though, not for fighting. You can’t copy paste a beating.

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