What exactly is the gameplay?

At first I thought it would be like Dwarf fortress. However from what little I saw on the yogscast channel it seems as though it will be more of a Direct-Command RTS. Can anyone here fill me in? Much appreciated.

It’s a mix of everything I suppose, it’s drawing influences from all over the place.

Primarily it will be a city/ settlement building game, with you guiding your settlers to greatness.

There will then be RPG elements and RTS combat elements thrown in there to give you a nice variety of gameplay.

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A sandbox strategy game with town building, crafting, and epic

Stonehearth is a game about building and conquest in an epic, fantasy
setting. The game is equal parts sandbox, RTS, and RPG.

In Stonehearth you lead a band of settlers who must carve out their
place in the world by gathering resources and building fortifications,
while under constant threat from intruders. As your settlement grows,
you will eventually train up a standing army then venture forth into
the world, where greater challenges await.

Stonehearth’s simulation and city-building aspects are inspired by the
great Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft. We are also inspired by the games
we loved as kids: the Warcraft RTS games, Final Fantasy Tactics, and
pen and paper RPGs.

Put it all together and you end up with something like this:

  • Randomly generated, destructible worlds built with voxels
  • Creative building on both large and small scales, from cities to teacups
  • Scripted RPG-style content to discover and adventure through
  • Robust class trees for both combat and civilian units
  • RTS-style combat with an emphasis on tactics over micro management



if you’ve ever played “God Games” you will understand this quite easily it is something like that game with a mix of Civilization & an Intense Crafting system plus a Sand Box game where you are not limited by a story line you play it as you like (in other words you have to make goals for yourself)

personally i just loved how the devs mixed the game genre’s that i loved into one game

[Reference: God Game] God game - Wikipedia


I would like to thank everyone for helping me out here.

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RPG?? can you go 3rd person on people and explore dungeons??? :open_mouth:

no RPG doesn’t necessarily mean 3rd person & go do quests thing it’s rather recent

RPG means Role Playing Game a game where you play a role of someone or something in the game where you take responsibility for your actions in that particular game ^^

here’s an example of what RPG looked like before it went into PC games

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lame sauce! well i iz gonna hakz it then :wink:
Still the term does imply that you are in control of an individual does it not?

The girl in the pic is thinking ‘im sure ghey told me this was a job interview’ :smiley:

It’s not a strict RPG game, rather it has RPG elements/ inspirations; specifically (as @SteveAdamo quoted above [quote=“SteveAdamo, post:3, topic:2519”]
Scripted RPG-style content to discover and adventure through
I would also include the levelling and classing of your settlers in to this, so, RPG elements, rather than strictly an RPG.

I have a similar question, but didn’t want to make a separate post.

I’m familiar with the city building and defense from other sand box games (thou Stonehearth’s does seem to look more fun, so I already preordered, missed the Kickstarter!). What I wonder more about is the exploration (the ‘Module’) component of the game. To quote Steve’s quote: “As your settlement grows, you will eventually train up a standing army then venture forth into the world, where greater challenges await.”

To me it is a little unclear what the boundaries of this would be, such as:

  1. What is the scale of your expedition force: 1-2 adventurers, a full 4-5 party team, a 10 person army, etc. (Can it be all of the above I hope? Depending on the demands of the Module).
  2. What control or interaction do you have with this force? Is it send’n’forget (such as in the raids of Evil Genius) where if successful, you see nothing but returning victors with loot. Or is it a mini-map (such as in Impire) where a small adventure force gets a small combat map? Or is it something more awesome (which I hope Stonehearth will be) where it can be any sort of interactive map like the original city map, but with my adventure team?
  3. Will these areas persist? As in, can I re-interact with them regularly once first explored? Or do they disappear?
  4. Can we build / use these areas if they do persist? Like say I discover a valuable mine in a Module and I send a raiding party to clear it up. Can I later send miners and caravans to get regular harvested materials for a while? (at the expense of losing that manpower at my main city).
  5. Would clearing, owning, or defeating multiple modules have any sort of meta-effect on the game, such as if I built 5 watch towers on defeated modules I’d get some sort of demi-god monster warning system? (hypothetical benefit).

I realize modders will be able to create their own Modules - but unless the core system is included in the game code modding tends to expand very little on the ‘core’ feature aspects of the game. Just curious if anyone knew more in-depth about the adventure-RPG aspect.

let me preface all my comments with this: the combat system, and exploration in general are largely unknown at this time… so take all this with a big grain of salt… :smile:

i would bet on “all of the above”…

For combat units, there will be the pathing options you would expect
in an RTS: waypoints, patrol, etc


areas on the map? as in forests, mines, abandoned castles, etc.? yes, they persist throughout the game… (i hope that was what you were referring to)…

sure, seems reasonable to me… its a location on the world map… you can (theoretically) have units there that could “setup shop”…