Day 5 of Dewmun, a number of bugs

Game State:
Day 5 of Dewmun (second month)
23 Minions (Carpenter, Weaver, Mason, Blacksmith, Farmer, Trapper, Shepherd, 8 Armsmen, 8 Workers)
Workers (and idle crafters) building walls of fourth floor of tower


  1. Game crashes shortly after loading while at least a few minions are eating. To get to this point in the game, I frequently had to save, quit the game entirely, restart, and load the save, and with increasing frequency. Running the game too long (even half a game day) results in crash to desktop. I do not seem to be able to progress meaningfully further.
  2. Shepherd won’t take sheep to pasture, and won’t find new sheep. This has been ongoing for at least a game week.
  3. Blacksmith has resources trapped in his anvil, which are forevermore unusable. The resources won’t be moved to storage by idle minions, the blacksmith acts like they don’t exist, and they aren’t listed in city inventory. This seems to occur most times that you save the game while the blacksmith has some components of a recipe on the anvil, but not all of them. I have not noticed if this occurs with other crafters, nor whether the number of components in the recipe makes it more likely to occur.
  4. Moving the anvil while resources are trapped in it results in the trapped resources relocating about 50 meters directly above the new anvil location. Moving the anvil again moves the trapped resources to about 50 meters directly about the newer anvil location. UPDATE: At least as of the most recent patch, this no longer occurs. However, only one trapped resource falls to the ground when the anvil is moved, and not the most recent (possibly the first).
  5. Too many planned placements (items, ladders, structures) at the same time (thus, lots of ghosty future placements) seems to crash the game.
  6. When loading a saved game with an incomplete, planned structure, the game shows the remaining incomplete portions of the structure in ghosty mode, regardless of the structure view state started in or switched to, until you go to full structure view (showing roof) with the build menu closed, enter the initial build menu, and exit the build menu. Cycling the build menu during any other structure view, or switching to the full structure view while already in the build menu, does not remove the symptom.
  7. Frequently, after loading a game, one or more crafters’ workshops will appear unclaimed, with no menu, when you click on it, until you click on the appropriate crafter and select show workshop. As soon as you do this, clicking on the workshop directly will show the proper menu.
  8. My trapper’s pet squirrel displays a food thought bubble when my minions get hungry.
  9. Loading and saving games takes a considerably-long time, increasingly long as the game goes on.

Game Version:
develop 2143 (x64); this particular game started in develop-201, and most or all of these bugs have been occurring since

Save File:
Black Vale, Day 5 of Dewmun

System Information:
i7 3770K, 16GB memory, Radeon HD 7970, SSD storage

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