DaveChaos pre-alpha Youtube video

he did an excellent job… :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks for the linking this! Just going to watch this on repeat for a few days!

it’s funny to hear him comment that “that’s about all i can show you for now”, when i would, quite literally, be content with just chopping down trees, and building pre-fab houses for hours…

then again, im simple like that… :wink:


Thanks for sharing, so cool! Can’t wait for the beta release

Agreeing with Steve I’d like to chop down trees and build simple houses :tongue:

Also agree haha. Just chucking up houses left right and centre!

Yeah, I was just thinking, “Alright, so, I’d level every tree, and build as much as I can. Then I’d level every tree and build the BIGGEST STRUCTURE EVER.” And then I’d be done. I would put this Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha away, content. Like a kitten getting its belly rubbed. And dammit… I want my kitten belly rub.

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Can’t tell you how much I really am looking forward to this after the few videos I’ve seen. Something about it just hits the sweet spot for me in all the right ways. I only wish I didn’t have to wait for it!