GekerikB pre-alpha Youtube video

Should see some serious traffic from this one as well… :slight_smile:

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I didn’t hate that. I wish they were a bit more informed, but, I mean, since nothing is permanent anyway I reckon it’ll do, pig.

i thought it was a very positive first look (as they all have been so far)… its great that even with so little to demonstrate, the folks are still very excited about the potential (and it comes through in their commentary)…

Florastar has also made one not long ago:

I like her, she is the bee queen :smiley:
Haven’t seen the one from GenericB. I know him but never really liked him unfortunately, Florastar as always makes it really well at least in my opinion.

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His video was interesting enough to get me to contribute to the Kickstarter, and I imagine that there were plenty of other people who watched it who also donated considering that he has a fairly large following.

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I’ve noticed something that seems to be the oddest pattern, every video I’ve seen where someone plays the game seems to involve them acting more childish and squeeing over cuteness of things. Every single one, it’s odd really.

people are gushing about how cute the game is (bunnies, flowers, etc.), but i think it has a lot to do with the style and overall “vibe” the game gives off… it just looks so peaceful and inviting, people cant help but be giddy when they start tinkering… :wink:

This is a really what brought me here. Art design and the potential to have an ultimate point in a survival game beyond surviving.

Yea same here man, and also I love the fact that you can build your kingdom while trying to survive and fighting bosses at the same time, I have been looking for a game like this for awhile now and I cant wait till I get my hand on it. I will always try and support as much as I can. Can’t wait till it comes out.

Wooo! Necro posting PAAARYYYY!

@SteveAdamo Wanna get in on this, anyways, so i’m slightly ontopic on sutch a old one, I watched generikb’s vid, i might not have seen it otherwise.

Woooo spam message!!!

it would seem you’re having that affect on folks… :wink:

running some quick numbers, it looks like the pre-alpha footage (across all the “big” youtubers) has had nearly 500,000 views… not too shabby… :smile:

@Xavion did you watch Sjin’s? Because although I can’t find it in me to go back and find it, I’m sure he wasn’t squealing over cute little things. But yeah, I do kinda agree, bit odd :stuck_out_tongue:

right here mi hermano, just shy of 300k views… :boom:

So Sjin’s responsible for well over half of the pre-alpha watchers? I think that earns him a gg…

And I was wrong, Sjin’s heart melted and his voice went high-pitched for the bunny too…dang it

Went and left a comment on his vid, go look at it and complain about how i failed : D

Man your always on, I like that XD how often are you?

He’s one of the two moderators, along with @Geoffers747, they’re somehow physically chained to this virtual realm. I kinda chained myself.



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i tend to be plugged in during the week, as my job requires that im connected to a PC for about 9 hours a day…

then, once night falls, and my wee little children are all nestled in bed, i resume permanent lurk mode…

plus, i heard @Smokestacks was here tonight, and he an i have an unspoken “thing”…

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