Biffa pre-alpha Youtube Video

Here we go, pretty similar to the other one - I mean the build is the same, but just in case any of you are interested!


So this makes me wonder, does anyone know that when we build houses, will we kinda have this ‘dragging around’ a preset building, or will we be able to build our own houses be designing them fully by ourselves?

The answer is both!

Taken from the Collated Q & A:

  • Do I build my houses brick by brick or slap down pre-fabs?

“You have two choices. You can layout floor plans and choose different types of walls, roofs, etc. Check out our [url]prototype video[/url] to see this in action. If you’d rather not do that, you can just slap down a pre-fab. Eventually we will support designing your own prefabs, which is basically like building on a blank piece of paper and saving it instead of building directly in the world.”

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Ah man, they should get this game to Sips from the Yogscast. That guy would love this.

that was suggested, and i believe his name was tossed around… and agreed, that would equate to a massive surge in new visitors/backers…

i would be curious to see who all the pre-alpha build was distributed to… :slight_smile:

Biffa is a good guy and I suggest you guys subscribe to his channel.

i’ve subscribed, as i like his delivery… cant wait till he (and the others youtubers) get updated clients… :slight_smile: