Dark souls Mod Project


  • Rewards
  • Crafted
  • Discovered
  • Found

Weapons ::Still in progress::

  • Rewards

Artorias the Abysswalker

Executioner Smough


Dragonslayer Ornestien


  • Crafted
  • Found
  • Race Specific


  • Rewards
  • Crafted
  • Found
  • Race Specific
  • Sets & Bonuses

Titans (Bosses)


  • Artorias the Abysswalker

  • Asylum Demon

  • Belfry Gargoyles

  • Capra Demon

  • Demon Firesage

  • Dragonslayer Ornestien

  • Executioner Smough

  • Four Kings (Pending decision due to how I would balance out the fight)

  • Iron Golem

  • Moonlight Butterfly

  • Nito (Pending decision, he is going to be hard to convert to Qubicle constructor)

  • Pinwheel

  • Seath the Scaleless (Pending decision, he is going to be hard to convert to Qubicle constructor)

  • Taurus Demon


  • How it works
  • Consequences


  • Friendlies
  • Enemies
  • Merchants
  • Jobs
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In b4 ornstein and smough practically wiping every settlement you’d ever make.

Pretty much.

I would probably make them separate and a lot easier than in dark souls.
Unless, maybe someones doing multiplayer world
Then I would make it so they both come at the same time?

You shouldn’t make a dark souls mod for it to be easy :wink:

Eh not too hard, like some people might just want to add the mod because of the titans and maybe they haven’t played dark souls but liked the look of my mod

or maybe they like the Weapons and Armour etc.

certainly, dark souls had a great aesthetic to it. They kept a kind of intense realism in the fantasy (its the only way i can describe it). But the essence of dark souls to me is still in its unrelenting difficulty. Thats just my stone.

Eh, I suppose, I might make a hardened version and an easier version when it comes to the coding.
But most of the stuff is just titans (bosses, and the big ones inc. artorias) Weapons and armor, sets only, so this includes say killing ornestien, you get that set of armor + weapon same goes for smough, same with taurus demon hammer etc.
Start with a custom looking NPC (solaire obviously)

I need to start properly thinking about how this mod is going to work, I want to start it when the beta release hits.

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I believe i haven’t said it yet before in the thread, but i like this idea a lot :smile:.

I just realized a boss I can’t do…
because you know, nudity.

ehh, someone enlighten me… Dark Souls?

Unbelievable. You know this Ponny-stuff but not “Dark Souls” :see_no_evil:… ok, i have had to google it, too :wink:.

Lets just say it is not an easy game.
It was made by namco bandai
real time combat

and very big bosses and cool looking characters, weapons and armor.
So it would work great for a titan based mod with rewards and extra armor.

Time to start cranking out ideas

[quote=“voxel_pirate, post:11, topic:3359”]
You know this Ponny-stuff but not “Dark Souls”

ahh, ok… i seem to recall a bit now… pretty brutal game from what i’ve heard…

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[quote=“SteveAdamo, post:13, topic:3359”] pretty brutal game from what i’ve heard…

You got that right. It’s challenging, lots of big bosses, so its great for a titan mod. Not to mention cool looking armor and weapons
I started to work on a couple weapons, they aren’t great, but they are my first attempt in qubicle. Not really used to the work flow of it.

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I cant edit my main post for some reason, like I tried to add loadddds of information and its just like not working

@Azhrak The forum is not stable yet. If you have experienced this issue in the last few minutes… just give it another try or wait a few minutes until there are no issues anymore.

could be the recent server issues (i’ve just had another “bad gateway” message appear)… you might want to try again in a bit…

its fixed! I can finally update my stuff.

For bosses like nito and seath you might need to think outside the box, don’t take relative scaling as something definitive. It might work as a bigger model since the bosses themselves are quite big.

Also have you perhaps thought about the encounter with seath (if its going to be in the mod), with destroying his crystal and stuff?

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I was thinking, have the moonlight greatsword as a reward for destroying him, the way you have about something gave me a great idea

instead of actual major tactics, because thats very micro
if you
destroy his crystals
you get a new item

“crystalium” (mock name example)
crystalium can be used with other materials like gold
to create say
crystalline set

then you get the magma smith to enchant it
and then it becomes better? like you ‘‘reinforce’’ on dark souls.

ps, i might replace the magma smith with blacksmith Andrei

would be a funny thing to do, but then if you have multiple magma smiths after it would be default looking ones

or, say you acquire blacksmith andrei’s hammer from a boss, give it to a high level blacksmith but lower than the magma smith, he becomes andrei :grin:

But yeah, I have a lot of intresting concepts and ideas and would love to see other peoples input to the mod, because after all, the mod is not just for me.