Fantasy Function Mod

Brought to you by ProfessorCrafter, and sponsored by ProfessorCrafter’s Crafting Corner, I give you…
Fantasy Function Mod
This mod will give the player many new options for game-play!
Implemented so far: Dragon-Scale Armour!

Next on the checklist:

  • More armour variations
  • Dragon-Scale weapons
  • More weapon variations
  • New monster variations
  • New faction variations
  • New playable races
  • More biomes
  • More titans
  • Dragon Boss(Dragon-Scale source)
  • New building designs
  • More may be planed in the future…
    Please give some feedback, as it is much appreciated!

I think you should try adding more variation in voxel coloration. I see there are already some shadows baked in, but the colors seem kind of “flat” to me. Perhaps try to add some variation to create that dragon-skin texture?

@Paranundrox This model is a W.I.P, but your completely right! I just wanted to get a base design out, so I could kick start my mod idea for feedback! Thank you for the advise! :smiley:
P.S. I will not be doing alot of modeling updates to show, since this isn’t a modelling post. :slight_smile:

Would echo @Paranundrox’s comments but I quite like it anyway :smile:

p.s. I’d be surprised if it was, but was it intentional for the hood to be shaped like a heart? :wink:

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well done @Prof_Crafter… i quite like these already! the yellow chest piece would be a great place for a crest perhaps?

looking forward to this one especially… :+1:

I like the idea! Thanks!

Will work on them after I fine tune the armour! :smiley:

Thank you all for the great advise!

I am very excited about more races/factions. I want these cities that are created to be as unique as possible. Races, colors, crests all that good stuff.

Players should be allowed to created their own avatar and crest in a high res icon that will float above their city if you come across it on a map, giving you information about that city.

interesting… but that strikes me as very 4x tactical sort of details…

4x tactical? Is that like spying on a city for military information?

sorry, i meant that that sounded like the sort of thing one might see in a game like Civilization, where you have stats on enemy units/nations…