Contest for fun: sons of ivaldi style (legendary items)

In norse mythology, Loki, the god of trickery made a bet with the dwarves eitri and brokkr that they could not make a better item than the sons of ivaldi.

so for fun, i propose a little modelling excersize: everyone who want to designs a legendary weapon/armour/shield/dohicky they want to make, and at the end we see who made some really cool stuff :slight_smile:

contest rules:
-you dont HAVE to code it into the game, pic of your model will do.
it is ofc. allowed to mod it in.
-special effects dont have to be show if you can describe them well enough
-you are allowed to make the model double the scale of a normal sword/axe/what have you, in game we could always scale it back to normal sized (for added detail, for legendary weapons could use some)

sounds like a fun idea?

Entries so far:
@Wouter_Sikkema with a Legendary Hammer: Contest for fun: sons of ivaldi style (legendary items)

@No_Name with a Jeweled (very) long sword: Contest for fun: sons of ivaldi style (legendary items)

@Stmpnk with his Zweihander/bladebearer: Contest for fun: sons of ivaldi style (legendary items)


To get this party started: my entry : legendary Hammer
legendary_hammerlegendary_hammer_equipped.qb (109.4 KB)
please do imagine thunder crackling off it.

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jewele_long_swordjewele_long_sword.qb (11.4 KB)
how about an icy blade?
btw if anyone want it use it :wink:

and sorry if it’s not worth enough :sweat_smile:
edit: added pic :blush:


well the thumbnail i just let qubicle make for me (under render)
and the rotating gif was qubicle also (make a turntable-render, it spits out 30 or so slightly more rotated views, and then i used an online gif-maker)\

more on topic, cool sword dude, its huge! like what you did with the gems :slight_smile:

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i see you got the pic working :slight_smile: , clearly a two-hander i think :stuck_out_tongue: ? that thing looks like its twice the size of a hearthling, nearly giant sized!

give it to the giant zombie :rofl:
it should be nearly as long as a spear so yeah, it might be heavy for a hearling :sweat_smile:
yup two handed
lol right almost doubles a heartling height
well… it’s legendary and meant to be wielded by the hero hahaha

Some screenshots of my Blade-Bearer Armor and the Zweihander :slightly_smiling_face:~
(Regular voxel resolution.)

A girl and taking a stroll with her sword,

O-One hand?

…And yes, we carry it all the time.

The armor and sword with the visor.


The armor and sword in action.

Might dig up some old stuff more~


omg she looks awesome
the sword looks great too hahaha
@Wouter_Sikkema and you said mine was big…


This looks familiar… just like the one in God of War :joy:

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I did take some inspiration from that one yes, so it’s not so strange that they share features :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, there’s always a bigger fish…

and still it looks great!..and could do with a scale down modification ;’) that thing is flipping huge!
but to be fair you gave it to a custom class, maybe trhey are just really flippign strong :stuck_out_tongue:

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-Mildly shameful bump-
No one else have any cool models they are particularly proud of :)?

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Can people submit more than once @Wouter_Sikkema :slightly_smiling_face:~?

Go nuts :stuck_out_tongue: anything to keep this party going really :stuck_out_tongue:

A Little love for RC.

GoldenMace.qb (17.5 KB)


That looks like you could give it to some fat pompous maharaja allright :stuck_out_tongue:

Or a mischievous monkey god. :wink:

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