Danger Zone Suggestion

I tried the search function and didn’t find anything related to this,
so i just started playing set up my walls with a door inside so my heartlings can walk in and out everything fine.

After 1-2 hrs enemies become stronger(playing on normal) i have 3-4 of these aligator tank things before my walls and my footman died there and now every 2 seconds no matter what i do my dummies runnin out there and try to collect that stuff the dead footman have carried…

So since i can’t lock doors (or can i?) all dummies runnin out there dying one after another, i can’t let them be in town alert mode since they won’t do anything…

Would be awesome to have something like a danger zone or something where heartlings won’t go in.

Your thoughts?

If there is anything like this please tell me.

Regards Mike