Town alert evacution "zones"

I feel like I miss something when you alert your citizens for danger, they all run the the flag. Idk how other’s think about it but I’d like the abillity to connect player selected zones bound to the danger type the player activated. (I’m sorry if I can’t explain it very well). So immagine having your town, it has 3 walls of which one surround the most outer parts which has the farms and after the next one there are the houses and after the last one in the heart of your town or the most inner part are the carpentry blacksmith etc. So lets say I have 4 danger levels, danger level 4 being the least threatfull as the zone is withing the outer wall. Having a zone in which your citizens will stay will enable them to continue working while your army fights the enemy outside your walls. So here’s where it gets interesting, let’s say your army is still standing but there are allot of weak enemies and your army can’t fight them all at once and they’re too much for the defences, they’ll break through the walls into the farmer zone. So you go to danger level 2 which will restrict your citizens to the houses, storages and workstations. Your army has greatly reduced their numbers but is barely standing and the enemy breaks through the second wall. You command your citizens to go the the most inner and last wall between the battle field and defence (Since there are workshops there you could still craft items) as you quickly craft a few swords since you notice your army is falling and the defences of the last wall won’t keep up. Your army died and the enemy at last broke gthrough the final wall. Lets say you have 10 citizens left of which you had just in time promoted 3 to a footman. You ring the alarm bells for danger level 4 the final one ordering your citizens to the flag to prepare to defend themself. You order your footman to defend the citizens and after having greatly reduced the enemies numbers with your crumbling defences you finally take out the last few with your town just barely standing.

I feel like this’d be great add to the depth of battles and will require more strategy.

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Sorry, but I don’t think this is relevant at all. Have you ever actually lost part of your army? There is no coming back from that by making a few swords. If your lvl6 troops die, you loose. So I don’t think there is need for “multiple zones”. Either you beat your enemies, or you lost.

Uhm yeah it would work, Maybe not always but it would. Enemies lose health and die plus engineers can make defencife structures. And after having reduced their numbers and health your army could have died and the walls fallen but if after that they’re left with a bit of health you can still kill them with your last few hearthlings.

Also what you said only counts for strong enemies. If you would have 30 weaker enemies attack you instead of 3 strong ones it’d go more like how I decribed it. This’d also work when the goblins (correct me if I’m wrong with some names etc) attack you with a number of 20 and you have to find the flute. I couldn’t find the flute and had an army of like 3 footman plus an archer an a cleric which obviously stood no chance so I tried again by turning 2 more into clerics and all the other hearthlings which didn’t have 1 point on the heart thingy to footman ending up with about 17 troops. This took them out.

If you’d have a similar scenario where you’d have a fort like I described (with turrets made by engineers) and I had a fewer amount of troops (lets say 15) and the enemy had slightly more troops (lets say 23) it could have gone like this (keep in mind I’m not a computer xD):

  1. your army battles the enemy killing 3 of them while lowering the health of most others (like 13)
  2. the enemy breaks through wall after wall as a team of engineers keep operating the turrets of the area the hearthlings are restriced to while your carpenter quickly makes some swords.
  3. when breaking through the final wall the enemy would have thinned out to 3 and you promote your remaining 5 hearthlings
  4. you take out the last 3 enemies with your remaining hearthlings thus remain standing.

This might not have the biggest effect on single player since it’s merely life or die but in multiplayer the enemy would have lost their army if this were the case thus weakening you both greatly asuming that the enemy has played for about the same time and had a better army (either having used all their hearthlings or simply had more higher level footman etc.)

Oh and of course it won’t work if the enemies army is way more powerfull then yours. If you have an army irl of 100 and the enemy has one of 10.000 of course the chances of survival are very slim. But tactics are importand in war and war in this game would be pretty boring if it’d be like “OMG YOU HAVE 5 LVL 6 KNIGHTS AND A LVL 6 CLERIC I ONLY HAVE 5 LVL 6 KNIGHTS I CANT WIN FROM THAT” You know?

Well, to me this sounds like a very unlikely scenario. If this happens in early game you might be able to defeat the enemies with the five wood swords you made, but you won’t have more than one wall in place. If it is later in the game (after Ogo was defeated) you’ll be faced with trolls and archers, both of which can almost one-hit peasants who don’t have good armour. I just don’t think it will ever happen the way you imagine it. (Apart from that, if you just keep five wood swords in stock, you won’t need the mechanic either)

Well I guess it’s kind of like that especially if you train every hearthling to level 6 with something and always keep the items in stock.