You shall not pass - manually closed gates and doors

Hey everyone, while reading hmthrough varios threads complaining that it is impossible to save soldiers from fights or to keep people from going after enemies they cannot beat, i had an idea. How about a gate, or door, which would not automatically open for closeby hearthlings, at least not when enemies are on the map. The player would have to manually open or close it. Would be am option to keep heathlings in a house or behind your town wall, to keep them away from danger.

Let me know what you think people :smile:


+1 Love the idea.
Having the ability to select a door and click on a lock icon in the object interface would probably save millions of heartlings around the world.:+1:


I really like the concept of having a safe house. At the moment there are times when your Hearthlings need to say “hey we are out classed at the moment” instead of rushing head-long into the jaws of death.

It also give the player an additional options to not having to bar off large areas with fences. As the kobold’s know exactly when and where I move a fence. (they have spy’s)

One option may be to create a door without the sensor activation and include a toggle button like the potions have for the activator

This is exactly what i meant. Basically, by default the door is open, but can be closed manually.

Obviosly, you could also just have it like any other door, sensor controlled until you close manually, but if it is open by default, you yould even use it to lock monsters in or something.

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+1 for the idea!

Is there ever been mentioned about large gates that can open and close?
Now i build a large gate like 15-20 blocks high but at the bottom is put a normal door so my soldier can go in and out the city. :slight_smile:

I’m not so sure.

On first thought it’s a good idea; Either adding a gate, or updating existing doors, with a manual lock function. Helps keep the enemies out and any stupid combat units / rogue hearthlings from getting into danger.

Though some careful planning with the Town Defense Mode does that job for you.

Enemies can’t go through doors anyway so setting your flag inside a building / behind cover will keep the Hearthlings safe. You can always reassign your troops to attack somewhere else as well… though something to say “stop attacking” or “be passive and don’t attack” would be more useful.

Well, as i said, it could give a little tactical advantage too, for example allowing archers into yout town and then closing the gates to stop them from running.

I agree though, mainly it would be a short-term fix for the lackluster AI. Hearthlings keep running towards enemies (even when not in the militia and defense mode activated) and it is almost impossible to disengage soldiers and not have them come back.

unfortunately the Ogres and Varnus can break down doors, picket fence gates and stone gates. And even with a careful place flag that does not guarantee that the Hearthling will stay put there. Even when place behind a fence or door, the Hearthling in Town Defense Mode (TDM), will begin to trickle toward to the enemy to whack it once and then run back. This is not so bad for the low level encounters but once the stronger groups start spawning it is like sheep to the slaughter when they do that. If you cancel the TDM you might get lucky and no one will go into the kill zone, but my experience is that is when suddenly everyone of your Hearthling feels its a good time to go pick up that oak log you told them to loot 30 minutes ago. :smile:

Although I really like your “stop attacking” idea.

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