Bug or not for locking doors?

i saw recent changelog state there was ability to lock doors
however its not in game WTF?

so i am very confused

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hmmm… strange, i did some testing and can’t seem to find out how to lock doors either, @yshan is door locking actually in-game yet, or just the tech for it?


Are you using the latest version?

i did my testing on dev 3013…

i am using latest dev one which door locks does not show up

Is all doors not locked already? enemies cant go through them right? or am i getting something wrong? what effect would it have to lock the doors for our own heartlings?

That would stop poyos, sheeps and rabbits from fleeing to out of their fences.
If you could select who is the only one able to open it, this would let to make a really solid owner status for houses and rooms.
Or you could even block a route for a while, like “don’t go throw the orcs to pickup loot now.”.


ahh yes, that makes sence, thanks for pointing it out @henrique_neto.

like i know it should be possible to lock them so your hearthlings doesnt pass them ^^ i will look into it xD

Oops it looks like this snuck into release notes but has not yet been enabled. Sorry about that! It is not available yet.



xD just when i was to release my testnotes xD

haha, i was wondering if that was the case, thanks for clearing up the confusion!


Or perhaps select classes which can open the door. All workers, trappers, and shepherds can open this gate… All Masons can open this door, all carpenters that one, etc…

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