[Suggestion] Ability to lock exterior doors

I’m not sure if Goblins come IN your camp doors, but I’d like to be able to keep my more adventurous town folk from wandering outside the gates by themselves - getting killed in the process.

I started up my game today to a swarm of goblins outside the gates:

I also had them spawing INSIDE the camp:

I had to build a wall over the camp entrance to keep my guys INside, so they could deal with one threat at a time, but still lost some guys that wandered outside while building a wall over the camp gate.

ANYway, the ability to lock doors (or otherwise keep town folk and lone guards from wandering outside the gates) would be great.


This is a great idea! I’ve had this problem as well… maybe have a special door for an outer wall, or make it so double clicking a door locks / unlocks it? Then you could move all your non-combatants into a safe room and lock them in until the goblins are defeated! :wink:


How about having a guard that stands at exterior doors that you could check off commands for (let no one pass, let footmen pass, let everyone pass). Would add another interesting element to the game me thinks.


Yes, goblins can open doors.(They actually walk through them.) Tom said that he might add an un-openable gate sooner or later.


Just added this functionality to my mod: [MOD] Structures+ v0.4.5

While not perfect this first implementation of locking should at least suffice for the basics of what you guys are wanting and I plan to add more features as I go :smile:

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