Guard the safe zone!

Let’s say you have a magma Smith and you really need one right now, but he gets attacked by a monster and is all alone. The magma Smith gets killed but after some time you get a new one. This time you decide to have a soilder with him/her all the time but it takes so much mircromanegent to command the soilder to follow him that you barely have time to do anything else. Something the dev team should consider is creating a guard system like in timber and stone(little bit diffrent). That would make it easier to protect your more important settelers from out of harms way. Something they could also do is to create a safe zone. The zone wont be safe from monsters but your non combat settelers(option) would run to the safe zone(kinda) when your village is being raided. Share with yore friends and tell me what you think Supergamer33 out.

Maybe instead of a safe zone, you can select which classes/people to protect? Then they’ll always have a guard with them?

@Supergamer33 as I’ve said before you are booming out the ideas I’m not sure if one of the devs have said it but if they haven’t its still vital to have it so you can focus on stuff you want to focus on if you don’t want to focus on the magma smith so could just have a follow system like how bunnies rabbits foxes racoons follow you in the new update

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@Alfie if you had less guards then those classes the guards don’t know what to do and then the game crashes .

Something else i want to point out is that none combat classes should run from monsters.

Like a skirmish mode except it works not like in mount&blade war band and rome total war 2

@Gridnick yea thats precicely what i was thinking.

They do this, it’s explained in one of the streams if I believe, the ‘fear’ or ‘threat’ of monsters will over ride all actions that your non-combat units are doing and cause them to seek refuge.

As for guarding, I believe that has been answered that there will be some sort of system like that in the game:

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