Cutom Building not being built

I made a custom building using the usual method, a ground floor with a second floor taking up half the level (like most churches). As interior walls are not implemented I used the slab tool to partition the lower level with a “doorway” (no door). Saved the blueprint then triggered the build but no-one starts the build! So I deleted the slab wall and the hearthlings would then start. Will try adding the wall during construction so see if that works. Note: Latest unstable build and no error messages given.

Interior walls aren’t necessarily implemented as of yet, but I’m sure they’ll be coming up in the near future :slight_smile: Hold out until then and build on! :blush:

Usually issues like this go in Active bugs I think, but considering it’s not really a bug I’m not sure…

Wasn’t sure myself where to put the issue either, no error message so is it an error?

Managed it!

That’s without furniture upstairs but all construction complete.

And with furniture.

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i think it should be under Support - Active Bug, @SteveAdamo @Relyss could you confirm for us.

P.S. i like that house, its simple yet beautiful :blush:

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Thank you. Wanted a shop style building.

A work around using the slab tool to build interior walls has been around for a while.

No doors on slabs though, good if you are making terraced houses but not for multiple rooms with doors rather than doorways.

There’s an ugly way to do that. If you design the house, auto floor it, then go back and remove lines in the floor for walls, and had draw the interior walls, the game sees that as a second building inside a building, so you can place doors and such on it.

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This issue seen similar to mine, Workers wont start building a building I also has slabs inside the building and on top etc… Maybe related and/or the same bug…

@SteveAdamo @Relyss do you think it should be merged or not?

Tried that, I was aiming for an extended farm building a central food store with a farmers’ house either end. So planned it out with flooring, found out that by deleting 2 lines at points where I wanted the building to be sectioned, that when I auto-walled it made 3 sections but was considered one building. Example below:

Problem is, the current build the auto-wall actually makes 3 separate buildings. Where the 2 walls overlap (as highlighted) there are 2 walls where there should be one. When you place a door it only appears on the wall facing you on placement, look the other side no door! One roof when placed.

Look at my link. It will show you what I meant, as it sounds like you’re auto-walling at the wrong time.

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Checked out your link, WHOA!! complicated, regular Cretan Labyrinth. Living there is like running through Takeshi’s Castle. Makes my feeble attempts look, well feeble.

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