Cubicle Confusion


Hi guys, Thunder here.
Today I was wanting to model a hero from a story I posted a few months ago, and I was wanting to go off of the Magma Smith base animation. But I am having some problems because I downloaded the “templates” that the developers are using and for some reason the magma smith has his robot arm when in model mode but doesn’t have it when in matrix mode.

Notice the gianormus arm

And now the arm is gone. This causes some problems because I can’t get rid of the arm and it shows up no matter what I do so my models will have a huge robotic arm on them (which is kinda cool but not what I’m going for)
So could someone please help me out and tell me what I could do to fix it. Thanks!


It is a seperate matrix, below the tools in the topbar there are some buttons. Press the “Model” one to see other matrix. It’ll appear faded, it helps with working under different parts. It also allows to simple animation


What you have to do is move the Smith’s body matrix out of the way, because they were designed in separate matrices. The body matrix is “on top” of the arm, so you can’t directly click on it, I think.


… -_-

Why did I not realize this before?
Anyway thank you so much!


as long as you are answering questions how do you put different models into different save files like @Tom does during livestreams sometimes


You have to copy, paste, and delete so that way you get a clean slate to save to and you only get the ones that you want to be saved to get saved.


nice work gents… can someone rephrase the solution as a “tip” perhaps? i’ll merge the thread over here