Help with outfit issues

I am making a mod adding the magmasmith class back into the game. I know ACE is planning on doing this but I am nearly done so I figure I should finish what I started.

Anyway, the issues I am currently facing with little direction on how to fix are:

  1. The original outfit for the magmasmith as designed by TR includes glowing cubes, which show when the model is placed in the world via debug tools, but not when a hearthling is promoted to the job
  2. The lower portion of the right hand glove doesn’t appear to get animated. Moreover, it appears to float in a fixed position behind the hearthling

I will post screenshots later when I get home from work if needed, but if anyone has experienced this and/or could tell me how to fix these issues I would greatly appreciate it!


sorry no experience with this one

the parts of the glove probably have the wrong names. (and thus the game doesnt know it should animate them) you could try to compare them with the normal blacksmiths arms/hand/finger names and see if there is an obvious flaw.

That’s okay! :slightly_smiling_face: I appreciate the response!

Any idea where to find these values? Is it in qubicle itself with the martix names? Or is this located in a .lua or .json that assigns certain matrices to certain parts? I’ll do some digging myself when I have the chance after work today.

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Sorry I forgot the names previous post, I meant the matrix names in qubicle :slight_smile:

Thank you! I’ll get to it when I get home :slight_smile:

those matrix/layers should be the following:

  • rightArm
  • rightHand
  • rightFinger11
  • rightFinger12
  • rightFinger21
  • rightFinger22
  • rightFinger31
  • rightFinger32
  • rightThumb1
  • rightThumb2



Thank you so much! :grinning:

@Wouter_Sikkema any idea of who I could @ in this to answer

Or is that a generally frowned upon practice? This is my first real experience with a forum and modding community so I’m not clear on general politeness rules (I’ve read the rules but I didn’t see anything about this).

Generally speaking making a polite thread like you did works, and eventually you learn who knows what.
In this case politely asking @max99x may be the way to go, max, I know nothing about glow beyond that it has something to do with material maps, can you point him in the right direction?

@malley would probably be the best person to ask how to set up this kind of thing.

This glow question might actually be a better question for @ayazar. I can tell you what I think is wrong: you made the outfit glow when it is an entity on its own, but when it becomes an outfit and is applied to the hearthling it is “destroyed” in some way and merged onto the hearthling. So the thing in the .json that makes it glow actually needs to live somewhere on the hearthling. Maybe you could do that with a mixin or an injection or something, but I’m sorry I don’t know how to do that myself : /. I purposely avoided doing something like this because of the complexity : (.

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Appreciate the reply anyway! It’s not like it’s crucial to the success of the mod, but would add that special something to the class you know? I appreciate all the help everyone is showing me :grin:

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