Crazy high framerate, high CPU/GPU utilization (solved: check your global settings)

I have Steam overlay enabled whenever I play, and I noticed that in several places, my framerate is kinda absurd even with VSync enabled. All numbers below are with Vsync enabled

Pre-main-menu intro video ~1100FPS
The main menu is clocking ~1200FPS
Starting a new game, the game clocks ~700FPS while text is animating, ~1200FPS otherwise
Roster selection and starting resource selection are ~1200FPS
Map generation is at ~1200FPS but drops to ~500FPS when moving your cursor around the map to select a section to settle on.
Loading screens seem to settle around 700FPS but understandably vary.
Ingame mostly sticks to 60FPS with Vsync on, but will occasionally drop to 58 and then jump to anywhere from 62 to 80.

Additionally, CPU and GPU usage seems very high overall, regardless of framerate

In menus, at least one CPU core is held between 95% and 100%, and my GPU sits at a steady 39%. Remaining CPU cores can vary wildly from 10~20% usage and 80~90% usage.

Ingame, CPU usage seems to drop - one core sits around 60 to 75% while paused, or 70~90% while unpaused. while the others fluctuate between 30 and 60% whether paused or not. GPU, however, is stuck at 98% pretty much at all times, with seemingly random dips that never go below 90% before climbing back up.

As a random note, RAM and video memory both seem to have no problems and stay within very reasonable levels. Also, the performance meter in-game is generally at least 90% idle though occasionally there are 1~2 frame lua usage spikes around 50%.

System specs since they’re super relevant: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, AMD Phenom II x4 965 (3.4GHz quad-core), AMD Radeon R9 280x video card (3GB memory), 16GB memory. Game is version a22r763 with no mods installed.

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seems like something isn’t working right with your setup, I also have vsync enabled and do not get above 60 fps during loading. are you sure you have vsync enabled on your global 3d settings? you can enable it in game all you want, but if its disabled on that, then it will not be applied

I would think in-game settings would apply throughout the game, but checking my global settings for my video card it is, indeed, not set to enforce a framerate cap unless specified by a game or program. Setting it to default to 60FPS does solve the problems above, keeping the framerate at 60 throughout and also reigning in CPU and GPU impact.

Still though, turning on vsync in the game’s settings should apply to the entire program, I shouldn’t have to rely on global settings. It’s weird.

I have mine set to application controlled and it works fine. are you saying you have to set it to “On” for it to apply vsync throughout the whole program?

Apparently it was set to “always off,” but in every other game I’ve played turning it on in-game applies across the game regardless, which is why I never thought to check my global settings.

Now I’ve set it to “On unless application specifies” and things seem to be better.

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yeah, setting global to odd things or setting specific programs can get hard to keep track of, I just stick with global and if it doesn’t work its easy to track down. I seriously think its not worth doing unless the program is really old or has known problems

anyway glad I could help :slight_smile:

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