Option to cap FPS please?

As weird as it sounds, yes, I’m asking for an option to cap the frame rate of the game. After you get your town to a medium size, FPS starts to go up and down quite a lot. My town has 20 healings and the fps is going from 20 to 90 all the time… I kid you not, even on low graphic settings. And that extreme difference in the frame rate is worse than having the game constantly at 30 or less. My eyes get tired, so quickly up to a point that I can’t play for more than 5 minutes.

Playing on alpha 19 steam. Is the beta version getting better performace for you guys?

CPU Phenom II 64 BE (x4 970mhz)
GPU AMD Radeon R9 200
RAM 2x 4Mb 1333mhz DDR3

Try the vsync option, it makes the same rate as the screen rate


Agreed, but I’m actually surprised that FPS limitting isn’t already a feature!