Crater Town - A Town built in a Crater... Duh

So I dug out this massive crater using dome guides haha.
Then I began building what I had planned to exist inside of it, a town with inter-connected buildings, with bridges, tunnels, and stairs as a main area.

The main lore I came to make behind it was that a meteor had guided pilgrims to settle here.
With a light shining across the sky and causing tremors, they believed they had to go there.
Finding a hole with a red hot stone inside that was sent from their god., they began to pray to it. They began with small tents and huts, until some finally decided to build more permanent residences.
They also decided an Altar for the God Stone would be fitting, so they made it the center of their town.
The town grew in the warmth of the God Stone.

If you want a closer look I can upload the save maybe.
IF you like my style tune in to my streams sometime!


Omg :open_mouth: this is really an amazing city!! Especially how you connected the single buildings together. Love it!!!

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Thanks! I can do a closer look if anyone wants to see more.
I did do a lot of bridges and stairs, connecting a lot of buildings and roofs.


sure it would be nice to see some details of this city :thumbsup:

Crater Town - Save File Below
(Tell me if the link doesn’t work)



it looks amazing TimoTheDwarf. if i may ask how did you get the wall round?
since i would like to use a round wall in my build but was unsuccessful so far.:thinking:

I used a circle guide to start, made a foundation then used the wall tool and it worked, I had to plan out the width of each of the flat ends ahead of time though.
It only really works at larger size.

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Woah! When I first saw this I didn’t realise the scale, but now that I see the more detailed shots I see how big this actually is!

Very impressive work!

Woah, very cool - nice craftsmanship in the buildings : )

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Dang! Very nice.

Did the hearthlings build this all by themselves? Or did you use the insta-build command?

Great design, I really like the flavor of it.

I’ll be the third to say whoa. I really like those buildings.

Also, a black monument of a stone of religious significance, in the middle of a square in a desert city, which is also of religious significance. Does this make anyone else think of Mecca?

They built them all. I have the save file if anyone wants to go in and check stuff out closer, there are also some underground tunnels linking things.


The little guys have come so far… :joy:

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I just want to know how you dug it out so deeply. So far, with very little experience in game, it seems like it would be a super pain to do a good circular design by digging down. I could do the “tunnel” digging mode to clear out the major internal bits, but then I’d have to carefully cut down the finer details basically one layer at a time. I can’t seem to see a good way to select multiple blocks on a verticle plane, only a horizontal one. I wanted to dig out a round space inside a mountain like this and am preparing myself to very carefully do it one “tunnel” layer at a time so I’m not building a million and one ladders for them to hollow the space out and then carve the walls out.

It was one layer at a time, I used the tunnel mining to get the center dug out early.
but the main sections was one layer at a time, using an online Minecraft sphere guide.

Then I have to applaud your dedication.

I have the save file linked above of the completed town, but would anyone want the save file of just the early crater?
Build your own Crater town

Now that you’ve mentioned it, I want it :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like a fun challenge, although I’m sure anything I built in i couldn’t be nearly as cool.

Here is the fresh Crater, there may be some weird shapes or things, there’s a lot of resources. A lot of which I believe I sold and what crafted things with to level… I haven’t checked the status of all the people in it however. A lot of them will probably have the names of Viewers from my stream lol.

FreshCrater.rar (6.5 MB)