Crashes at around 19 hearthlings

x64 Alpha 8 Build 205 (HB) Win7

Second time with same world building to around 19 hearthlings. Game just vanishes with no warning. All stock building (2 sleepers, 1 dining hall), nothing fancy. 1 ea of the specialists except 3 footmen. Rest are vanilla workers. Note the game does not become unstable, it just goes poof.


Yeah, I find the later in your game you get the harder it is to get a good save. You usually (saving new) just end up with the two .bin files. After a new save fails to produce a new screenshot, you know you’re done, so you just quit, copy in a dummy metadata.json and screenshot.png and you can start > continue again. Play for awhile until you’re happy with your progress, then do this again. Over and over and over. It’s the only way I’m able to progress at the moment.

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