Game Unplayable?

My main game that I have been playing as of recently, I cant play anymore. the people dont do what they are suppose to do. most of the time idle and if I do get them to do something, it is short lived.

Should I start a new game? or is there any use of the save file?

perhaps provide TR with it, they requested save files a little bit ago,

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Ah ok, see what I have in the town isnt actually a whole lot so I wasnt sure. It seems like any time I reach around 20 people, the game acts up.

but since I literally have no buildings in the game. I wasnt sure if that would be concidered a large town

well its not necessarily buildings that make it considered large, having over 15 hearthlings is quite a large amount at this point in the games develpopment…

ahh ok, that would make sense then, to me 20 people is a really small amount. but playing past that point is really hard. I can only seem to get 10-15 min playing time before having to shut down again.

thank you, I sent it in

well it is a “small” amount, but the game isnt fully optimized yet so, as your experiencing, having more then 15 can be really rough on the game.