What causes you to start a new game right now?

I have noticed that my games do not last very long. Some reasons are good, and some are not.

I’m playing the latest dev builds and I’m completely OK restarting a town with every patch.

However, my game seems to shake apart before I can reach 20 hearthlings, or before 20 days in game. I was thinking that perhaps there is some value if we report back how far we are able to get in a game before we are forced to start over and why. It would be good to know why games actually get abandoned.

I started thinking about this because in a couple of early cases I abandoned because my game was too peaceful, which might not be a bug, but may be worth discussing.

Perhaps we should report back the following after we decide to restart:
Number of days played
Final population
Professions obtained
Reason game was abandoned


I’m tempted to change the category to community feedback… :sweat_smile:

Good idea! :smile: :thumbsup:

I totally agree with you. I don’t remember if we had a specific topic for this, but it’s always useful for developers to know how far are we able to play the game and our opinions. Sometimes the system specs affect the performance and even the game style, but anyways.

And to boot! We can get some great campfire stories out of it! :smiley: heheh.

Really though, I think this is a great idea! :slight_smile: I also agree wholeheartedly with what Relyss said. Developers may find it useful both as feedback and to rat out more bugs/issues or unintended operations occurring that change the game style.


Since I suggested this, I will go first

My game lasted until day 9 of Dewnum
Final Population 22
Professions - all available

I accomplished my initial goal - See if the new bugfixes would let me get my 3 footmen in plate and give them a each a shield and steel longsword.

So why am I about to abandon - A few reasons come to mind:

I’m interested in issues with the initial goblin campaign. This game, I tried for the very first time to give them what they wanted to buy time to armor up, and I got an lua error trying to click the option to hand over the goods. The only option was to start a war. Also, the Goblins are still spawning on top of the campfire which ruins the entire thing. I want a running campaign with them, so I’m going to take the suggestion to undeploy their firepit as soon as the quest starts next time. I also need to take steps to not kill the boss. You’ll never level up your footmen if the goblins stop coming, so you need a constant stream of goblins. There isn’t anything else dangerous in the world. I’m hoping that I can convince people to consider “the world wants to kill you” difficulty setting later as we get more content.

Stuff management - let’s face it, you only need so much leather. Any town that starts to succeed will quickly be run over in certain specific goods, like leather. After a month, stockpiles start to overflow with useless stuff. If you mine gold or silver, there is no current use for those yet either. I know that a stockpile review has been mentioned a few times already, and I hope there is a good discussion about what features are needed. (Leverage all those old DF fans) We could really use a city manager and a trader class to help manage stuff.

Finally, I’m expecting a new patch soon, so I’m in a good place to watch the compatibility save break.

Overall I’m happy that I ended this one and not the bugs (like my last few games,) Learning about the kill console command may have helped with that this time, so perhaps I’ll have to try to play without it next time and see if it is still required to move forward.

I have found it is super easy to abuse the new vendor system that is now in place. It makes it trivial to interact interact with goblins (just give them what they want with minimal to no effort) and armor up. As soon as you have a couple of trees cut down, promote a carpenter, make ~5 items and then start spamming Rough Buckler. When the merchant stops by you probably have almost 10 bucklers which go for 70 each - as it only requires 1 its super efficient to make - and then buy your way to victory. Comfy beds, food, leather, stone are instantly available at minimum effort. Also, you can even abuse it further by simply not closing the trade window until you are satisfied while your carpenter saws away on more bucklers. I’m not gonna say it’s broken, but it feels like they have added a currency that was not very well balanced.

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@legobil Offtopic, but: I think that system is going to change soon.

I liked the idea to limit the amount of money, the vendor brings, so you can´t sell like 20 buckler, the vendor just brings like 100 gold which he is willing to pay us.
(If we buy things from him, this gold is not added to the 100…because that would just switch to a buy-sell-buy-sell-buy-sell-tactic… ^^)

Now ontopic: I´m changing my saves quite often when they are broken.
I had the worker-stuck in contruction-side-bug really often, before I noticed how to reproduce/workaround that - I´m allways rushing to fill up the house with furniture :blush:

My oldest savegame was 8 days, then .256 was released. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
But I´m totally ok with it, I bought the alpha and enlisted the devbuilds on steam to help and feel the development.

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  • Game time
    Lasted till Day 11 Deepmun, 1000.

  • Final Population

  • Professions
    All except Blacksmith, Weaver and Shepherd

  • Goals
    Primarily to see how far I could make it through a game before I experienced game breaking bugs/glitches/errors. Otherwise to just generally play.

  • Reason for Abandonment
    Primarily my warriors unable to function correctly, which was reported in the active bugs section. So the duty of that game was ultimately fulfilled.

  • Offtopic
    On the topic of this off-topicness, I’m sure vendors will be altered as time goes. I imagine(or rather, hope) that it’s a rough draw up for the system that was implemented early to make the game more interesting and smooth out the bugs from the base trade system before more is added. :smile:

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16 days was my longest, Population was 14, had all professions, defeated goblins, I play the game until something causes it to become unstable or I didn’t like the village setup

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22 days last time, population of 20, 5 footmen fully geared up which looks really neat! All professions at least once.
I stopped playing because i litterally ahd nothing else to do except for keep the villagers coming and there’s no reason for footmen… It’s no fun without threat :frowning: and when you get past 15 pop-cap lagg just jumps in which is quite annoying…

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I usually make it to about day 60/70, Always keeping the population at 7. One carpenter and one farmer and the others workers. I usually make large builds, which end up using so much memory its unreal. So once the build is complete or as complete as I can make it on the world, I take a save copy add it into a file and just start a new world / project. So yeah the main reason of abandoning a game is just due to memory or the fear of not having enough memory to get me through a project. Just thought I’d share my usual routine with you guys! :wink:


I got to day 5, when I finished off the goblins… and got kinda bored

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