Is there a "Game Over"?

Hello there! Just bought the game 3 hours ago and… jeah… built a sweet village. Then a goblin came and said sth like “hey… wood & coal… please…” in very cryptic english. I thought he wants to trade so I tried to give him the stuff to see what I get. Then the “trade” didnt really work (at least not instant) so I clicked “I changed my mind”. Then I really understood what was up (He wanted the things or otherwise he wouldve attacked me). I have to say, that english isn’t great at all. sorry, but… Im german, I know. But even my american friends couldnt understand what was written in the boxes.

So they attacked me… and f**** my whole village. So. All villagers died because the herbalism guy decided to go nuts and just went into the goblin camp. Now every villager is dead and now I’m kinda wondering: Where’s the game-over screen? That really makes me wonder if there is any way to resurrect my villagers (they’re all dead and gave me graveyards already)? I don’t know if so, but I think a game-over screen would be a good idea. I know, it’s alpha, but. On the other side it’s a game-over screen xD It’s not that big of a deal…

Im thankful for every response :3


Welcome to the discourse @Hiroyugane_DE!!

This happened to me a while back, unfortunately the team still hasn’t implemented anything since I made this post regarding this issue :slight_smile:

Meh :expressionless: still, thanks for your response :3

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Just start a new game and have fun! Yeah, it sucks, but the beauty of this game is that you can learn from your mistakes.

Also, I’m pretty sure the goblins speak “broken English” because that’s a common trope that you see often with orcs, goblins, monsters, and the like.

Jeah. I just loaded a last save game (Im the kind of person who makes new saves every 5 minutes xD) and did the things. But then the problem was that he wanted 9 "wide window frame"s. I made ~20 of the normal ones but je only said I have 6 so I couldnt give him the things… but hey I found the bug that if you have sth like the goblins that wants to trade: just press ESC and it will just be listed in the notifications but you can just let it be there. It will never expire or sth like that

Jeah thats true I guess, but it’s just too broken. I really had problems with these text boxes…

Yeah as said the goblins are supposed to speak bad English… because they are dumb monsters and not as civilized.

still, not even MY english is THAT bad xD And the problem with “international” games is that you can’t make things that are for english mothertongues. At least not on that skill level I guess… It’s a nice touch but it’s a little bit to overwhelming

Ok maybe it’s time for the game over campaign, which shows up a game over screen and just with a start new or load game button.
Maybe a pic with a crying hearthling. Or a scene from a lost battlefield.
@Stmpnk can you do something like that ?

Something like that ?

Hey that’s good stuff you’re talking about. I will get some inspiration and set up sth that I would like / expect from a game-over screen :stuck_out_tongue: see you in 50 minutes

"An orange automaton appeared!"
Sorry, serious mode now.

Well I can certainly do it :slight_smile:.
It’s just a matter of what art style/direction I should follow (the old style, the current, or my own), the image size and its application-- those kinds of specifics :smiley:.

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I think it just should be a rough drawing as kind of an inspiration for the dev team. But I guess I shouldnt interrupt your talk with Chabonit… I did it anyway. Sorry for that^^


It’s ok! No harm done here :blush:.

That’s a nice idea :thumbsup:! It’s easy and real quick to make. I just need the motivation I need to start :sweat_smile:

Well, I am currently working on some stonehearth fan art lately so I think I could do roughs too since I’m already into it anyway :wink:.
Plus my fan art thread needs some updating… New content.

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If you mean in this thread then youre right. But I was here for 2 days now and saw some… not that nice people^^ But many people here are really peaceful and nice. havent seen such a nice community for a long time :stuck_out_tongue:

I see you’re known for fan art and media? Guess I have to watch some of it when I finished my try on that little project^^ Wanna get it done faster than you xD

Chabonit already gave you some inspiration^^
You know what artists say? “The lower your abilities are the better you can do with it

Greetings :3

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Wow. That took much more time than I expected… But finally Im done with my awful, rough pictures :joy:

This one shows (maybe at the safe place-flag) the city from a sweet angle in sepia with a “blocky” grave and some text on it aswell as some statistics. My thought was that you could take some good quotes and put a random selected one on the grave.

The second one shows a little 2-graves graveyard with a grave that has the style of the UI and icons of the game (dont judge my grave. I tried to draw one by my own but It didnt work whether I tried my drawing tablet or the mouse. So I took one from google pictures (no it has no copyright. It’s a free-to-use clipart :expressionless:) Same thing as before: A random quote (these aren’t actual quotes except if you are talking about quotes by me^^). This time it has a motivating sentence on it. It may be written by a wanderer who found this lost town and takes its story and carries it to other towns and cities…^^
Again, some more statistics but this time its integrated into the background. It fits better to the gamestyle. At least I think that it does.

I know they aren’t as good as @Stmpnk could make them but at least I had the chance to give you some inspiration. I hope I was able to show you a little bit about my thoughts on this.

As always: sorry for my awful english xD I guess my english is as bad as the goblin english xD



But what if I want to wait till next day when a next hearthling comes to the town, to rise from the ashes?

ok add a third button to “Stay and Rise again” no prob

“Stay and Rise again” is a sweet name for that button.
“Stay determined, young child! It’s not over yet!” would be an idea, too (yes that’s a reference)