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My question is: If for some reason all of your settlers in-game die, what will happen.

Will there be a Game-Over screen, or will the game spawn another settler?

I’d say that’s fairly simple. You lose, it’s like that zombie plague they’ve mentioned in that if everyone dies then you lose. I don’t think that a new game plus feature as it were has been mentioned though so it’s likely that you just lose.

I think that yes you will just lose but I think that a lot of people will find a way to salvage at least a few villagers and start fresh in the same world.

I think i remember someone saying it had been conformed there wasn’t gonna be a game-over.
I do hope this is not the case though, the more risky /hard something is the more rewarding it is. especially in sandbox games like stonehearth.

@Nico This is a misinformation to my understanding. There will be a “game over”. Based on some information from the live-stream you really need to mess it up and disregard all the warning signs Stonehearth will give you… but you should be able to lose the game.

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@voxel_pirate has the right of it… if there werent an end game scenario, how would one determine when the game was… over? :smile:

digging through @Geoffers747 Q&A thread reveals a few tangentially related comments to that effect, but nothing specific i can find yet… although, i am almost positive its the case…

Will there be a goal or primarily objective to reach in the game or
will it be pure sandbox? - Livestream - 1:50:13

“A big priority for us is to give you motivation … it won’t be as
clear as there’s a primary objective so it is definitely a sandbox
game, but we want a clear motivation from the start such as why you’re
here and how to progress.”

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It would be pretty stupid if you die and you have to start over from a new world.

Why? This is for sure a question of personal preferences, but people could experience it as more challenging if there is a threat of losing, no?

Doesn’t have to be a new world. You could have the option to either stay in that world or start in a new one.


Maybe I worded it bad, but what I mean is that many people, like me, hate it when they have to start over when something goes wrong, like dying.

ahh, i think perhaps you are referring to “roguelikes”, where death wipes out a game… yes?

The good thing is that Radiant is aware of the different play-styles and they want to allow to play the game as you want. So there will be a mode where nothing bad can happen, so you cannot “die”. For players who like some challenges, there will be other options available.

Well, now that my question is answered, can a mod please lock this thread?

ask, and ye shall receive… :smile: