Game over bug? Story mode ending (Hearthling limit - must modify Gameplay setting in menu)

Game over? Story mode post ending.
I have completed two separate games with the ascendancy on story mode. in the first play through i defeated the goblins through force of arms. in the second most recent one i paid them off until they left. in both instances i received zero new hearthlings several days later or even 12 days later on my first play through.Steps to reproduce:

  1. either kill or satiate the goblins

Expected Results:
The game continue onward with the main goblin camp gone and villagers spawning in like normal
Actual Results:
The game does remove the goblin camp but it seems to stop any more villagers from arriving or immigrating

it doesn’t actually generate a bug report because the game doesn’t realize its bugged
Version Number and Mods in use:
the most recent update of the game without any mods in use
System Information:
i5 4k somthing
gtx 770 gtx
12 gigs of ram

Welcome to the forum, @HandofKhaine :smiley:
How many hearthlings did you have?
There’s currently an adjustable cap, set to 20 by default. You can see it in the settings.

Also, there’s really no “game over” implemented when all of your hearthling die, for example :sweat:


Hey there @HandofKhaine, welcome to the Discourse! Can you confirm how many Heathlings you had when you stopped receiving the daily report. Based on your summary it would appear that you reached 20 (the default maximum) and thus stopped receiving them. You can increase the maximum number in Gameplay settings.

ahhh that would be it wouldn’t it. i did have 20 hearthlings at the time. thanks for the information :slight_smile: time to increase my hearthling cap :slight_smile: