Hearthlings stop being offered

So, never done this before but I declined the option of a new hearthling. I was at twenty and the area I was in couldn’t really support more. So I hit the decline button assuming the next day the same offer will be made.

Turns out if you decline once, it stops it for ever, or at least it’s happening with me.

Is this a bug, or intentional? Are you meant to grow your population always and only decline once you reach the maximum you ever want?

Also, if it is a bug, is there any way to turn it on again using a console command?

Thanks in advance.

Not the intended behaviour. At least it wasn’t intended back when I was actively playing. The only “hard cap” for the population should be the one defined in the game options (and it is based on current game optimization and your hardware - you can tweak it if you see your rig can handle more).

So just a bug then? Ok, fair enough this is all Alpha after all. I am at 20 just now, and it’s feeling a little crowded but I have cut myself into a rock face to keep safe.

The question now is whether I…

  • Carry on, and hope that ‘world’ domination is possible with so few. Losing nobody in battle.
  • Find a way to “retrigger” the offer
  • Quit and start again - I’m maybe 60 real time hours into the build so not a huge amount.

I’m pretty sure you just reach the population cap. Go into option and change the max there if you want more.

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I didn’t even know there was a cap to be honest, presumed it was just based on resources and hell mend the person who tries to run 100+ community on a slow machine!

I don’t think I’ve reached a cap, as I say the game offered me a hearthling and I declined, I was on 20 then which would have taken me to 21. I was still on 20 the next day when normally you get the Daily Update. That’s stopped now.

If there is, however, a cap in the options, I might go in there and raise and lower it to see if it triggers the DU again.

the default cap is 20 hearthlings, but it is possible the last offer you got was a bug. If you want more, go change the settings and it should start offering you hearthlings again.

Oh, right. I didn’t realise that at all. Perhaps I just need to suck it up and see how I go. Seems a low limit in comparison to the map though.

Yeah I agree, but from what I understand 50 is the limit because of how the game currently handles data and it will likely increase as the dev team fixes those issues.

Feel free to bump if you notice a weird behavior again:[quote=“Omegasa, post:6, topic:30734”]
the default cap is 20 hearthlings, but it is possible the last offer you got was a bug

I am sure this would be an easy one to replicate. I was doing nothing special, just declined the option at 20 (to take me to 21). Didn’t realise the limit, and I’m guessing the game is acting exactly as it should, just one hearthling out in the count.

I tried a couple of times but I didn’t receive any daily update after I reached 20 hearthlings :disappointed_relieved:
Also tried resetting the configuration to default, but it was the same. And declining at 19, but the next day I got another daily update.
I don’t doubt that you experienced that bug, I just haven’t seen it yet. Maybe you declined something else?

There’s a strict requirement when the encounter happens, just waiting to hear if someone else also experienced it, since at the moment I can’t reproduce it.

I am a fairly seasoned gamer, and a coder to boot so I know only too well about hunting down allusive bugs in a sprawling (and ever expanding) app. So you have my sympathy.

It’s Alpha, bugs are to be expected. Essentially nothing bad happened, and I do think it’s tied to the max limit, but clearly you’ll have a far better insight into it than I. Chalk it up as “mildly annoying” and file it under “less important things to do”?

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Fine then :slightly_smiling_face: