Crash bug while loading



Title: Crash bug while loading

Summary: When I encountered a previously reported issue and was performing the workaround of saving and loading, the game crashed on me during the loading. I was still seeing the loading screen when it happened, so I saw no errors pop up.
On the upside, my random new-every-30-seconds wallpaper was on Stonehearth at the time, and I got it on video, too. Probably shouldn’t have mentioned that was just a 30-second coincidence…

Steps to reproduce: Wait until a citizen joins; confirm that the UI freeze has occurred (these steps perhaps optional, not sure if crash because of this or just saving/loading generally); save game; immediately load saved game.

stonehearth.log (54.7 KB)
gfx.log (too big to attach, so uploaded on Dropbox)
I have not started the game since the crash, so both of these files should be relevant still.

Very end of the video.

Versions and mods: No mods, latest release version in Steam at the time of writing, version 0.1.0 (release 114) according to the title screen.

System information:
OS: Windows 8 Pro 64 bits (6.2, build 9200)
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-3450 CPU @ 3.10GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.5GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM
DirectX-version: DirectX 11
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660

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ahh, @Phagocytosis… how I love your reports… :smile:


Haha :slight_smile: well, more are coming. I made another video in order to ease the “steps to reproduce” and all that, currently uploading to YouTube.


living up to that well earned title… I’m sure the team appreciates all these reports!

the floodgates have opened once more… :wink:


I thought I’d better get in there quick before the other users snatch away all those tasty, juicy bugs! I’ve seen quite a bit of activity already, so quickly after the release! :open_mouth:

Impressions of Alpha 4 Release 114

Seen again in R118. This time not as clear from the video, but it does in fact end with a crash. Sorry, I forgot to copy/upload the log files before playing the game again this time.

End of video. Again, I was saving/loading as a result of the freeze UI bug.

Impressions of Alpha 4 Release 118

well, I suppose that’s as good a confirmation as we’re going to get… :smile: