[Con] UI freeze upon joining citizen

It definitely sounds like you had a javascript error that froze the UI. But was it Campton’s fault? I would also love to know :slight_smile:

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Pitiable Campton… he just wanted companionship.

EDIT: aw, turns out he’s a diligent sweetheart, too.


It does seem to be related to joining citizens. Happened again in the new release. 15:29 in the video: information missing from dialogs. 15:50: selection information missing. Did not check for other signs of UI freezing (forgot at the time that you had pointed that out as a possibility), but there you go.

EDIT: Oh! The debugging tool thing in the bottom right was open, and you can see there that that is, in fact, frozen.

I have found that when a new citizen of any class joins that pretty much nothing is selectable and they won’t show up in the citizen list. Work around. Save exit game restart game. Presto all is happy now.

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Save load is even quicker and works too, just for a little tip :slight_smile:

Confirmation for the new release.


Also see this report.

Summary: After some time in the village the weaver workbench became the only option in focus.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Unkown at this time. Working to reproduce.

Expected Results: When selecting another workbench or item expected to see the otpions for the item selected.

Actual Results: Weaver workbench remains the focus.

Notes: Not sure how this happened looking into it. A save and load appears to fix this issue.


Experienced same once in R144. Focus fixed on Carpenter Workbench. Cause unknown, no error message. Save&loading fixed it.

Also sometimes my HUD displays nothing at all. This happened in R118. Cause unknown. Forgot to take screenshot, though… Save&Loading fixes this also.

These bugs just happens after playing a while. Not sure whether it is caused by the long play time or it happens randomly and playing longer increases the chance for it to happen.

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nice report @digitalFatteh (the pictures really drive it home)… and thanks for the confirmation @Aron0621

My work around for this is to select the item in focus then select another item then the issue goes away for that item. It may show up again later for another item but then just rinse repeat.

Both reports by @digitalFatteh and @Aron0621 sound like a UI freeze to me, akin to that seen in this issue and this one. The identical colors on the debug bar in the screenshots strengthen this suspicion. A save and load does seem to fix that sort of issue, so that fits as well. What @deakon is talking about would not fit, though, so maybe that’s a different thing. Or maybe I’m just wrong.

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I didn’t notice any changes when selecting the weaver table and then another object. Just stayed on the Weaver tooltip as its main focus. SO it might be the UI freeze again.

thanks @Phagocytosis

@digitalFatteh, did you happen to notice if you had had a new settler join your settlement?

I just had a footman join earlier.

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I remember now. it was right after a settler joined my settlement when my HUD froze… I realized it when I clicked to see her name.

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excellent! then i suppose we can merge with this thread, as @Phagocytosis suggested… :+1:

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iv experienced the same issue, and get the same error report every time

each time the settler shows up at least.

Can confirm this issue. Had a foot soldier join my village and my focus locked to the Weaver (which I was using when I accepted the new villager)… Could not set the focus to anything else, and selecting the woodcutter’s bench brought up the weaver’s bench instead.

Yep, still in R122.


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Confirmed. UI froze when clicking on my newly recruited carpenter. Save/Load still fixes the problem.