[Con] New citizens stuck "neck-deep" after I accept

Sorry if this is a repost… I know there was an issue with people stuck in the ground a while back.

Summary: After a bit of playing, a new citizen joins my group but is stuck “neck-deep” in the ground. Only his head is visible. He cannot be selected, nor can any of the other citizens.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Caravan approaches
  2. Accept new citizen

(N.B. I think this is related to new carpenters. Will update if I have spare time)

Expected Results: New citizen appears by the campfire.

Actual Results: New citizen appears near the campfire, but is stuck in the ground. He can’t be selected. None of the other citizens can be selected either.


  • This happened with my 8th and 9th citizens.
  • The first time this happened, I was meant to get a carpenter. I reloaded my game after it bugged out and had a new farmer join me without any problem.
  • I continued playing and about 20 mins later, I had another carpenter join. Same problem as before.
  • Settlement is on the second or third height/altitude level (not sure if this

Versions and Mods: R118

System Information: Vista | Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz | 4GB RAM | GeForce 9600M GS

I actually got this in r118 as well.

  1. Traveller approached (Carpenter)
  2. Accepted
  3. Stuck in ground somewhat near the campfire.

This is the only situation i’ve seen the dreaded head-bug appear in this update.

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I have had one similar instance of this and also had it happen to almost all my villagers upon loading a saved game.

Are you using r114 or r118?

I haven’t seen the Entire Village version of this since 114…

it was r118, I had to check myself. I thought I was still on r114.

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Any updates on how to fix this issue? My villagers are all stuck in the ground too.

hi there @LunarBlade … welcome aboard! :smile:

feel free to post the image to someplace like imgur.com, and either @Geoffers747 or myself can embed it in your report for you… in the meantime, this sounds similar to other reports we’ve had, but i would love to see the image to make sure! :smiley:

She stayed in the ground for about three days without issue, even as the rest of my civilization was murdered by goblin raiders.
Please embed the following image (I can’t even link it proper)

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If this happens try save your game then reloading the game, this has had mixed success/failure for people.

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Not with this one. She loves her cubby hole in the ground. Also my entire civilization was murdered by goblins (how do I prevent that…? There like 7 of them against my 8 settlers…). But I had loaded it and she was still firmly embedded in the ground.

I should mention in regards to person-stuck-in-ground that I attempted to place a piece of ladder in front of her face, hoping she’d grab on and climb out, but she had not. FYI.