[Con] Citizens burried up to their necks


This is a new version of a previous bug but I can’t locate it. Only solution is to delete the save. Upon loading get error : see attached screenshot


thanks @deakon… do you recall anything that might have preceded the … … burial? :smile:

"Doodads" show up without being placed

I haven’t noticed anything that would make me think it might be triggering this issue. I find out about it when I restart the game. Which I do fairly often.


I got this bug earlier, after loading a saved game, with the same error message. Before I had saved and reloaded, I had started the construction of a large building, if that helps at all.


it certainly doesn’t hurt! the more information the better… thanks! :smiley:



Yes, I think this bug never got a proper report :sweat_smile:
So thank you very much for reporting. I can’t believe it still happens… :confused: must be a tough one.

There’s a report about corrupted save files, but I think it’s a different issue.